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Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein will be making some appearances on campus this week. And he may be wearing women's clothing. As usual, virtually nothing will be spared from parody by the all-male comedy troupe Mask and Wig in their fall production, Saddam and Gomorrah, and audience members should be prepared for anything, according to the group members. "People who are down on their luck, in despair, or having a hard time with life should definitely come to our show," said David Koff, co-director of the Mask & Wig show. "It may or may not help, but at least they'll be giving us their money." This year's fall show, which opens tonight at Houston Hall Auditorium, centers around about "life, love, and the feeling you get right after you go to the bathroom," said Koff, a College senior. And while they expect to draw people with the title drawing off the noteriety of the Iraqi leader, the majority of the show at Houston Hall Auditorium is composed of over a dozen comedic skits that students should relate to, Koff said. The comedy troupe's show will also give the audience a chance to get involved in the entertainment, but co-Producer Chris Heisen said he did not not want reveal any of the details of the intended participation. "It's a solid show," added Heisen. "It's fun entertainment that gives the audience a chance to get involved." Mask and Wig shows traditionally feature some of the group members costumed in women's clothing -- a unique drawing point for student performing arts shows. "Where else can you see guys legitimately dress up as women on stage?" said Heisen. While in the past, students have complained that Houston Hall Auditorium is not ideal for productions, both Koff and Heisen said that space is very intimate and will encourage the audience to get involved in the energy of the show. Heisen, a College senior, has worked on the production end of the Mask & Wig show for four years in a row and said he enjoys being at the helm of a performance for the first time. Heisen urged students to come to the show, claiming, "It will be one of the best nights they have at Penn." "Or maybe in their lives, or their entire families' lives," agreed Koff. Showtimes are Wednesday at 8 p.m. and Thursday through Saturday at 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Tickets are $5 for tonight's performance only, and $6 for other times. They can be purchased on Locust Walk.

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