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Xavier Flory | The dark side of brotherhood

Tyga won’t be the only one promoting sexism on Friday. While there has been much furor over Tyga’s lyrics, certain groups at Penn will be propagating a more ubiquitous and insidious form of sexism over Fling: our fraternities.

Xavier Flory | A beautiful game

It’s that time of year. Grab a wurst and sit back for the sporting highlight of the year. No, I’m not talking about March Madness. I refer to the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League, the annual tournament for the best footballing clubs in Europe.

Xavier Flory | Secularism: A western conceit

Secularism as understood today, although a great idea in the West, isn’t always exportable. The problem is that secularism is not a neutral concept but has positive associations with modernity and democracy.

Xavier Flory | The forgotten art

Concert violinist and Juilliard and Yale graduate Igor Pikayzen told me in an interview that pop is more about “creating a sort of ambiance” than producing worthwhile art. Indeed, blasting “Ass ass ass” is a crude but clear message to girls at frat parties. However, nothing great was ever conceived as background music.

Xavier Flory | Shut up and think

Last year, as part of the religious studies class “Living Deliberately,” I had to spend a month in silence. The experience made me realize how far I had slipped into the thoughtlessness of a busy life.

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