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Editorial | Building a better government

While candidates for positions throughout the UA argued about the success and implementation of projects, espousing their special connections with various administrators, we — and many others — remain unconvinced that he UA has any significant sway with Penn's administrators.

Editorial | Vote on divestment, because there's nothing to lose

Currently, the voting period for a referendum to divest Penn’s endowment from fossil fuels and to reinvest at least a portion of that money into clean energy is underway. Although voting is open until 5 p.m. on Friday, most people who care enough about the issue to go out of their ways to vote have probably already done so.

Editorial | Navigating Penn's sexual violence policy

Finding the "Sexual Violence Policy" is more difficult than a simple, messy Google search. Upon visiting the Provost's page — either directly or via the Office of Student Conduct’s page — for an explanation of the policy, students can be greeted with a cold "Error 404" page, with an ironically tragic subtitle: "Go Home."

Editorial | Expanding our vision

Fraternities are not guilt-free of partaking in the culture of excessive drinking and sexual misconduct, but we cannot expect to lay sanctions on them alone and consider the issue resolved. It is all too easy to lay the blame on the highly visible Greek societies that seem to dominate the social and party scene, but they are only part of the problem, not the problem itself.

Editorial | Looking beyond PILOTs

Before we can even look at paying PILOTs as a yes-or-no issue, there are many questions that need to be answered. From the effectiveness of Penn’s community programming to the City’s allocation of PILOT funds, these concerns need to be addressed as part of the much-needed conversations regarding the status of public education in Philadelphia and the University’s relationship with the community.

Editorial | Communication is key

As a hub for university management and life, it falls on the administration to ensure that serious news is disseminated broadly and thoroughly, rather than leaving it to individual student groups and word of mouth.

Editorial | Shooting down trigger warnings

While personally traumatic experiences are important to address and treat on college campuses, trigger warnings are neither a fair nor sufficient solution to such issues and would ultimately serve to undermine the fundamental values of academia.

Editorial | Abolish the UA

Once the UA is voted down, the undergraduates could send about creating a new student government. At a convention open to all undergraduates, students could present ideas and possible structures for the new government.

Editorial | Endorsement of Gabe Delaney and Joshua Chilcote for UA President and VP

Furthermore, we wholly support Delaney’s commitment to changing the internal structure of the UA, which did not seem to be shared — certainly not to the same extent — by Kim. After the recent impeachment debacle, it’s clear that something needs to be improved internally, and we believe that Delaney’s plans to empower other UA members through a more horizontal structure will be crucial to making the necessary changes.

Editorial | Packing the Palestra

On Tuesday, Penn women’s basketball defeated four-time defending champion Princeton, 80-64, to win the Ivy League title, clinching its first NCAA Tournament berth in 10 years.

And now it’s time for the Penn community to celebrate the team’s accomplishments.

Since November, the Quakers have shown determination, responding to a 31-point loss to Princeton at the Palestra in January by winning 14 of their last 15 games and ending the Tigers reign atop of the Ancient Eight.