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11/15/17 10:21pm
Despite statements from administrators, student accounts, along with data from off-campus housing facilities, suggest that there isn't an increasing demand for on-campus housing. 
11/05/17 5:56pm
Vice President of Facilities and Real Estate Services Anne Papageorge said the new building will make high rise field “a more useable green, not just a leftover one.”
10/31/17 7:01pm
“[T]he school should at least be open about when a certain class will offered, when it will be offered again and how regularly it will be offered," College junior Heidi Lee said. 
10/22/17 10:28pm
When parties are shut down, the student-run Judicial Inquiry Board of the Interfraternity Council convenes to determine the case's severity and to dole out an appropriate punishment.  
10/10/17 7:08pm
"[S]ocial circles can become constrained to those that live in those’s essentially dividing up students based on what they can and cannot pay for." 
10/08/17 7:11pm
Penn publicizes its general, undergraduate acceptance rate each year, but does not release the precise admissions statistics governing internal transfers or dual degrees. 
10/01/17 8:10pm
A student said Penn Police have disrupted various events at off-campus locations, including  an "ice-cream social" where there was no alcohol. 
09/24/17 10:53am
The shutdown of a registered, philanthropic event held by the sorority Alpha Phi was an error on the part of Penn Police, said the Vice President for Public Safety Maureen Rush. 
09/17/17 9:47pm
Some faculty members were formally notified of the recent death of College senior Nicholas Moya days after it occurred. Others never received a notification from the University.  
08/31/17 12:01pm
“Congrats, you’ve made it to the top university in the world!!” writes the opening sentence in the guide. “There are a few things we forgot to mention in your glossy orientation packets."
08/23/17 9:17am
How to perform the first part of Penn's "work hard, play hard" mantra. 
08/21/17 10:37pm
Hundreds of students rely on CAPS during the semester. Many aren't sure what to do when summer rolls around. 
08/02/17 8:09pm
Until legislators can find a way to fund the Pennsylvania state budget, Penn and three other state-related Universities will not receive funding. 
07/25/17 5:44pm
In a report made public this month, state inspectors at the Pennsylvania Department of Health found that janitorial staff had failed to successfully clean the hospital bed railings back in the fall. 
07/19/17 2:30pm
You might have seen fifth-year Ph.D student Alex Burka walking around campus with his “Proton Pack” — a large orange backpack equipped with sensors that collect information from various surfaces. This is why. 
07/05/17 8:50pm
Later this week, the House of Representatives will vote on a bill that will restore state funding to the veterinary school 
06/30/17 10:58am
Penne Restaurant & Wine Bar, the Italian eatery known for its housemade pastas, has closed after 15 years.
06/20/17 8:58pm
Once the bill is placed into effect, mental health providers in Philly will be prohibited from trying to change the gender orientation or sexual identity of clients below the age of 18. 
06/13/17 9:34pm
This change comes after a consideration by the Admissions Office to delete the Facebook group for admitted students. Access to the page provided the means for an admitted student to collect contact information from the page and add black freshmen to a racist group chat in November.
06/05/17 10:08pm
Over the summer, Residential and Hospitality Services employs close to 90 students, some of whom return the next year to work for the department again. 
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