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04/17/18 11:54pm
Co-chair of SPEC’s concert committee Elizabeth Goran said SPEC did not track how many people attended the concert. She also declined to comment on how many tickets were sold.
04/15/18 7:54pm
The University announced in 2011 the 'Action Plan for Faculty Diversity and Excellence,' which aimed to build a 'more diverse faculty' and 'more inclusive campus community.'
04/12/18 9:41pm
PennDesign has consistently fallen in one of the top two spots for Penn's most tuition-dependent schools for the past several years, placing first in 2017.
04/10/18 8:32pm
Penn Abroad Director Nigel Cossar said he felt confident in the decision to grant credit and not reimburse because it was in line with other U.S. universities.
04/03/18 9:55pm
Two professors have been developing a course, tentatively titled “Science of Data Ethics,” that they hope to offer to undergraduate students in the spring of the 2018-2019 academic year. 
04/01/18 9:41pm
On Feb. 22, members of the U.K.’s University and College Union began a month-long strike program to protest changes to their pension plans.
03/29/18 8:03pm
Students and alumni alike have taken action through founding a committee to bring together students and administrations and through drafting of a petition with hundreds of signatures.
03/22/18 9:00pm
The panelists discussed how Penn could more effectively interact with the broader public, touching on issues such as technology and learning, economic inequality, and engagement with West Philadelphia communities. 
03/14/18 7:57pm
The first of its kind since 1969, the teach-in will focus on "the production, dissemination, and use of knowledge." 
03/01/18 6:15pm
Design of Mobile Products is a seminar consisting of six 90-minute sessions that introduce students to the basics of designing and prototyping a mobile app. 
02/18/18 7:40pm
The fourth annual conference included more than 350 first-generation and low-income students from over 20 colleges across the nation.
02/15/18 3:09pm
Former Vice President Joe Biden said that there is 'no compelling evidence' that immigration has led to economic dislocation in the United States. 
02/07/18 12:09pm
Integrating Sustainability Across the Curriculum, a program that aims to promote the topic of sustainability to as many disciplines as possible, has contributed to an increase in sustainability courses. 
01/30/18 10:33pm
Outside of Penn, he has also worked as a journalist, written two history books for general audiences, and taught modern Middle East history at several local universities. 
01/29/18 9:03pm
The building, located on the corner of 36th and Walnut Streets, will contain a 120-seat auditorium, classrooms, faculty offices, undergraduate study spaces, and conference rooms.
01/25/18 10:07pm
Vice Provost for Faculty Anita Allen said there are “a lot of legitimate reasons” to miss classes, including emergencies, family events, and unavoidable professional obligations.
01/20/18 7:05pm
The four new minors include Archaeological Science, East Central European Studies, Law & Society, and Medical Sociology, all of which were introduced in the fall of 2016.
01/17/18 11:42pm
“Our common humanity takes precedence over our religious differences,” Sacks said at the Perry World House Tuesday.
01/14/18 8:09pm
While last spring semester, 100 students were enrolled in the half-credit course, this spring semester, 140 students are enrolled, visiting professor in finance Shimon Kogan said. 
12/11/17 1:21am
Close to 20 percent of Philadelphians faced food insecurity between 2014-16, even as food insecurity decreased nationally during this time period as the economy improved.
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