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01/20/18 7:05pm
The four new minors include Archaeological Science, East Central European Studies, Law & Society, and Medical Sociology, all of which were introduced in the fall of 2016.
01/17/18 11:42pm
“Our common humanity takes precedence over our religious differences,” Sacks said at the Perry World House Tuesday.
01/14/18 8:09pm
While last spring semester, 100 students were enrolled in the half-credit course, this spring semester, 140 students are enrolled, visiting professor in finance Shimon Kogan said. 
12/11/17 1:21am
Close to 20 percent of Philadelphians faced food insecurity between 2014-16, even as food insecurity decreased nationally during this time period as the economy improved.
11/30/17 11:35pm
Penn's chapter of Unsung Heroes was founded this fall with the goal of connecting students with campus workers.
11/05/17 11:13pm
“I’ve learned many life lessons from this class, and I can’t say that of most classes. This class helped me think about wisdom."
11/03/17 10:32am
Stephanos Bibas is a former federal prosecutor and has argued multiple times before the Supreme Court. He was nominated for the position in June. 
10/28/17 3:55pm
The issue for this semester is focused on monsters, so articles will examine different types of insects, Komodo dragons and Greek mythology. 
10/23/17 12:50am
 Participants in a clinical trial who received three doses of the GLS-5700 vaccine developed Zika-specific antibodies with minimal negative effects.  
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