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Letter from the Editor | A forum for free speech

While we do not necessarily agree with or endorse the views we publish in guest columns and letters to the editor, we think it’s important for our content to reflect the diversity of views on this campus.

Letter from the Editor | Welcome from the 128

Reach out to us. Tell us if we get something wrong. Tell us what you want to read and if you want to write. Tell us what about our content enrages or engages you. Tell us what you think.

Campus takes back the night

Approximately 200 students and faculty attended the Take Back the Night rally and march last night, according to event organizer and College senior Sarah Mednick.

Author dispels same-sex marriage myths

Martha Nussbaum, professor of law and ethics at the University of Chicago and author of her most recent book, From Disgust to Humanity: Sexual Orientation and Constitutional Law, began her lecture by discussing types of couples whose marriages the American society approves of.

It's easy being Green

His bum may have been on the rail in 1999, but last night comedian and actor Tom Green’s bum was in Zellerbach Theatre to host the 12th Annual Intercollegiate Comedy Festival.

Trump, Jr., discusses his Wharton days

The Masters in Real Estate series hosted the executive vice president of development and acquisitions for the Trump Organization last night to address students about the current real estate market and how a Wharton education has helped him succeed.

The fresh face of hip-hop

When hip-hop duo Hoodie Allen took the stage Thursday in the Zellerbach Theatre, students stormed the stagefront, eager to see not only performances by big name artists, but also familiar faces.

PEG members get back to nature with trip to orchard

College junior Jenna Stahl stretched for an apple at the top of the orchard tree as she juggled a produce box in her other arm. She plucked the fruit from its branch and tucked it away with the apples she had already collected over the course of the morning.

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