Student Life

04/24/14 7:23pm
There are 18 sources of alternate funding other than the Student Activities Council. However, students who must rely solely on these alternate funds are less than pleased with both their availability and distribution.
04/23/14 11:34pm

An end in sight for SAC moratorium

Under the Student Activities Councils' plan, the moratorium may partially lift after their first General Body Meeting of the fall semester, which typically falls in October.
04/23/14 9:20pm
Amy Chua and her husband, Yale Law professor Jed Rubenfeld, introduced their "triple package" theory, which states that certain cultural groups posses elements of superiority, insecurity, and the ability to delay gratitude, which allow them to outperform their peers.
04/23/14 9:03pm
Faces of 2018: Her parents are politicians in her native Cameroon.
04/22/14 11:29pm

Panhellenic Council speaker Cindy Pierce advocates healthy sex

It's ok to know what you want out of sex.
04/22/14 10:21pm
Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr., stars of New Girl, visited Penn last night promoting their new movie, "Let's Be Cops."
04/22/14 4:42pm

Initiative allows trans students to use a 'preferred name'

“This is really important for our trans students to feel part of the community and to be safe and to really be recognized for who they are,” Senior Associate Director of the LGBT Center Erin Cross said.
04/22/14 11:59am
Counseling and Psychological Services will relocate to the first floor of 3624 Market St. in January 2015.
04/20/14 7:21pm
Justine Sefcik, a fourth-year doctoral student in the School of Nursing, was elected chair of the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly on Wednesday.Sefcik will serve alongside 11 other officers on the executive board of GAPSA, the official student government body for Penn's 12 graduate schools.
04/20/14 11:28am
1990 College graduate Laura Alber finished Penn with an “anti-plan.” She’s now the president and chief executive officer of Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
04/17/14 7:56pm
The new admit survived the Rwandan Genocide. Today he’s passionate about painting and business.
04/17/14 3:27pm
The DP sat down with the student activist, who recently was featured in Latina Magazine.
04/16/14 10:17pm

GAPSA chair, vice chair elections add to mental health discussion

Newly elected GAPSA chair and vice chair propose tackling mental health with such initiatives as yoga and meditation classes.
04/16/14 9:55pm
Representatives from the Multicultural Greek Council, the Inter-Fraternity Council and the Panhellenic Council were all commended for their achievements at the Sheraton Hotel on 35th and Chestnut streets.
04/16/14 6:03pm
Over a year after Phi Kappa Sigma, more commonly known as Skulls, was kicked off campus, discussions are slowly beginning about future plans for Skull’s chapter house, at 3539 Locust Walk.
04/15/14 9:10pm

The Graduate and Professional Student Assembly will elect the 12 new members of their Executive Board today

The Graduate and Professional Student Assembly will hold executive board elections on Wednesday, using a system quite different from that of their undergraduate counterpart — the Undergraduate Assembly.
04/15/14 3:36am

National coverage of SP2 student's death gave incomplete timeline of University response

While, the Huffington Post said students and faculty would have liked more transparency and support, sources say this is not the whole story.
04/14/14 8:00pm
In addition to these students, 10 other individuals were treated for alcohol-related problems.
04/14/14 5:39pm
Carina Tea and Waffles, located on 37th and Chestnut streets inside of the International House, will have its grand opening on Wednesday.
04/13/14 7:57pm

Students upset with details of Penn proposal for ARCH stained glass

Students were frustrated with the University's recent proposal for the sign's text, which generally describes all of the stained glass panes in the ARCH, without any specific details on the rising sun.