Penn Athletics

04/27/15 1:27am
When you’re told to “expect the unexpected,” it’s easy to take that clichéd piece of advice with a desultory wave of the hand. But let’s be honest.
04/22/15 12:19am
Towards the end of spring break, the basketball teams -- and respective fan bases -- from Harvard and Yale gathered at the Palestra for the Ivy League's one game playoff.
12/09/14 3:10am
When was the last time you heard of a Penn athlete who achieved national celebrity status? For most current Penn students, the answer to this question is probably “never.” This is not necessarily a problem of student apathy towards Penn athletics, however, but rather a reflection of Penn’s priorities as a university.
12/09/14 12:37am
Now that it is about to wrap up, what can we say about Grace Calhoun’s first semester as Penn’s athletic director? One thing is for sure: is is moving in the right direction toward addressing student apathy.
10/21/14 11:59pm
If you fight the urge to look at your phone while strolling down Locust Walk, you might just notice a little something different amongst the sea of hurried people.
04/28/14 11:27pm
Greg Ambrogi and Justin Reilly proposed  to their former classmates a mentoring network of Penn athlete alumni to be a resource for current student-athletes. The program is now gaining momentum
04/28/14 10:41pm
Going to college is a stressful experience, a whirlwind of uncertainty. From classes to clubs to what they’re wearing in the morning or what they’re doing that night, one thing all freshmen come to realize is that they aren’t in Kansas anymore.
03/25/14 10:04pm
While Penn hired Calhoun, Loyola now has to start from scratch, searching for a new athletic director itself after Calhoun led the athletic department through three years of change and the move into a new conference.