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05/14/14 5:49pm

Senior Farewell by John Phillips | How I learned to stop worrying and love the DP

I graduate in a week as I write this column. My bound volumes from my time as an editor still sit in the sports office at the DP. I’m going to wait until the very last moment to take them out.
04/28/14 10:41pm
Going to college is a stressful experience, a whirlwind of uncertainty. From classes to clubs to what they’re wearing in the morning or what they’re doing that night, one thing all freshmen come to realize is that they aren’t in Kansas anymore.
04/20/14 10:01pm
After winning three of its four contests against the Tigers, the Quakers are now sitting pretty, with a 2.5-game lead over trailing Columbia.
04/14/14 9:28pm
On Monday night, the problems with Penn basketball came to a head, as The Daily Pennsylvanian confirmed that freshman Tony Bagtas , sophomore Julian Harrell  and junior Henry Brooks  were off of the team
03/08/14 9:00pm
Going up against the worst team in the Ivy League, Penn held on thanks to Dau Jok's 21 points, defeating Cornell, 69-65.
03/07/14 11:52pm
There are a lot of bad teams in college basketball, but Penn is not just bad. The Quakers are an undisciplined, insubordinate squad.
03/03/14 5:26pm
Allen Iverson and Jerome Allen shared an NBA court once. Both had similar dreams, but only one is still being lived.
02/11/14 7:02pm
With offers from Stanford and Virginia Tech on the table, Howard ultimately chose to play for Penn, providing coach Jerome Allen with a player boasting an incredible basketball IQ.
02/10/14 4:33pm
This is the time of year when you suspend all the cynicism. Penn basketball takes on Yale on Friday, a matchup of young squads trying to keep the illusion of relevance up for yet another week. Each team wants a chance at turning a fling into something real.
02/08/14 9:40pm
Penn beats Columbia for an Ivy sweep, Harvard loses to Yale and all of a sudden, the Quakers have a pulse in the Ivy League. Here’s the Good, the Bad and the Ugly from the Quakers’ win over the Lions.
02/03/14 9:37pm
Either Allen finally unlocks the code to this team that he’s put together, or it won’t be his team for much longer.
01/29/14 5:35pm
With league play kicking into full gear this weekend, I’ll take my chance at predicting how the 14-game tournament that is the Ivy season will pan out for the Quakers with these four predictions
01/16/14 9:39am
Jerome Allen spoke on the mid-season Ivy League teleconference about the struggles his team has had with turnovers and the balance his team has.
01/15/14 5:06pm
For one day, church services will be conducted again at the Palestra, the Cathedral of Basketball.
01/11/14 9:28pm
Coach Jerome Allen loves verbally taking his hat off to opposing teams or players. But now, columnist John Phillips takes his hat off to Penn’s coach.
12/09/13 7:22pm
I’ve seen more Penn sports than I’d like to admit in the last year (including, miraculously, covering five of Penn basketball’s nine victories since January), so I’d like to think that my look into the next semester’s worth of Penn sports will yield some strong predictions.
12/03/13 11:28pm
There are natural comparisons in life, and it’s hard not to compare Penn to Drexel, Villanova and Harvard.
11/26/13 9:09pm
Sophomore Tony Hicks went for 33 points on 12-for-20 shooting, allowing the Quakers to cruise to victory. Penn defeated Niagara, 85-66.
11/21/13 11:06pm
On a night when sophomore goalie Max Polkinhorne electrified the large crowd at Rhodes Field, it was Providence’s keeper, Keasel Broome, who ended the night dancing before Penn’s student section.
11/18/13 4:36pm
It’s unclear when Penn men’s soccer took the leap. But regardless of when, where or how, the Red and Blue figured it out this season.
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