09/10/17 8:51pm
A lawyer says this mistake might have violated a federal law that protects the confidentiality of student records in all federally funded schools.
09/10/17 6:03pm
On the site, fraternities and sororities are given a number grade that classify it as an “upper,” “middle” or “lower tier” organization. 
09/10/17 5:02pm
The group has historically followed the platform of the Democratic Party, but they're now shifting away from this "top-down" approach to push for the policies they believe in. 
09/08/17 9:21pm
Moya's mother spoke of her son as "an old soul — intuitive and inquisitive."
09/08/17 6:21pm
The roof of NCH was designed to store and filter rain water, which helps cool the building and prevents excess dirty water from ending up in the Schuylkill River. 
09/08/17 12:00am
Out of 3,235 American counties, Philadelphia ranks 661 for well-being, 2,283 for depression and 3,223 for agreeableness.
09/07/17 6:45pm
DeVos criticized the current sexual assault policies for college campuses as “kangaroo courts” that have “run amok."
09/07/17 5:51pm
Penn was named the 7th best university in the United States, according to Times Higher Education's rankings. Forbes also recently named Penn the nation's 7th best college. 
09/07/17 11:00am
“Penn Book Center was never problematic," said Lily Applebaum, assistant to the Faculty Director of the Kelly Writers House Al Filreis. 
09/07/17 10:00am
"This shortsighted decision violates our core principles as a University community – indeed, as a nation," Penn administrators wrote. 
09/07/17 10:00am
Between August 24 to 27, there were 11 cases of students requiring sickness transport and five cases of them requiring sickness assistance.
09/06/17 10:51pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian sat down with Rosenstein to discuss his role in the ongoing investigation by the special counsel and his experience at Penn. 
09/06/17 10:09pm
“Penn was a leader in higher education, but Bob was a leader in LGBT advocacy."
09/06/17 9:04pm
Penn InTouch can support up to 1,200 concurrent users. That is 5 percent of Penn's overall student population.
09/06/17 11:00am
The Aspiring Leaders mentoring program, hosted in Penn GSE, targets educators who are within 5 to 7 years from becoming university presidents. 
09/06/17 12:48am
No clean resolutions are likely in any story like this—complete with blotted memories, bias and alcohol-fueled chaos. 
09/05/17 10:03pm
This isn't the first time Gutmann has made statements in favor of immigrant rights.
09/05/17 6:08pm
The incident prompted DPS to send out a UPenn Alert at 2:06 am which described it as a burglary. 
09/05/17 12:00am
“There have been a lot of programs in the past that have promised savings and not materialized savings, [but] this program at Penn appears to be very, very successful.”
09/05/17 12:00am
The all-female comedy troupe, Bloomers, has changed their constitution to be more inclusive to gender non-conforming students.