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College sophomore Audrey Ajakaye is the founder of Audaja Skincare (Photo from Audaja).

Audaja Skincare, a company founded by college sophomore Audrey Ajakaye in 2020, is seeking to increase inclusivity and sustainability in the field.

Ajakaye, the company's chief executive officer, told The Daily Pennsylvanian that she is motivated by her previous battles with chronic eczema, and her involvement in the skin health community. She said that she is committed to creating a brand that emphasizes inclusivity, sustainability, and affordability. 

Audaja Skincare currently offers nine different products, according to Ajakaye, that aim to directly improve skin conditions for all skin types using high-performance ingredients. Its website offers a Skin Quiz that allows customers to familiarize themselves with their specific skin type, and find the best products for them. 

Ajakaye also said that in addition to being dedicated to transparency through the disclosure of all their active ingredients, Audaja is committed to sustainability and affordability. She specifically mentioned the company's refillable packaging for promoting sustainable practices, and decreasing the price to help reach a price-sensitive audience. 

A primary goal of the company is targeting the younger demographic.

“A lot of professional-grade skincare companies right now are targeting middle-aged consumers," she said. "[I want to] really see how we can draw in teenagers who may be struggling with acne, and really need these stronger products that work for them.”

Ajakaye said that the goal of attracting young customers is reflected through the company’s pricing strategy, which allows the company to remain competitive and affordable through a tiered membership program. By offering up to 50% discounts on all products, she said that the company aims to promote customer loyalty, and target young cost-conscious consumers. 

Sanober Pezad Doctor, a double-board certified dermatologist and expert in integrative and holistic dermatology, emphasized the brand's inclusivity in an interview with The Daily Pennsylvanian. She said that the brands focus on catering to a wide audience, and accessibility of high quality ingredients are part of what differentiates it from competitors. 

“[Products] which, otherwise, would only be for the elite,” she said.  

Moving forward, Ajakaye said that she hopes to continue working towards innovative skincare solutions, and connecting with consumers struggling with their skincare. 

“Being such a younger founder, I want to be able to address my peers, and people who I talk to on a daily basis who have voiced their concerns,” she said.