Letters to the Editor

03/14/11 4:38am

Your Voice | Redevelopment, not relocation

Penn's Executive Vice President Craig Carnaroli wrote a letter to the editor explaining that Penn is not participating in the relocation of the McDonald's on 40th and Walnut streets.
03/01/11 7:31am

Your Voice | An example of Ivy League indulgence

Michael Convente, a graduate student in the School of Medicine, wrote a letter criticizing Penn's efforts to relocate the McDonald's on 40th and Walnut streets.
02/28/11 5:39am

Your Voice | Opportunities for film enthusiasts

Sue Smith, a spokeswoman for the Office of College Houses & Academic Services, wrote a letter detailing ways students can get involved in Penn's film community.
02/24/11 6:29am
We received several letters to the editor in response to the events surrounding Newt Gingrich's speech at Irvine Auditorium on Tuesday night.
02/21/11 5:44am

Your Voice | Challenging a campus smoking ban

Michael McFadden — a past Wharton graduate student and the author of 'Dissecting Antismokers’ Brains' — wrote a letter to the editor outlining three points about smoking bans.
02/21/11 5:19am

Your Voice | The new dining hall is unnecessary

College junior Rachel Cohen wrote a letter to the editor about the superfluousness of a dining hall in the Quad.
01/28/11 6:33am

Your Voice | An unnecessary financial burden

College junior Matthew Correia wrote that increasing the general fee to cover club funding would cause more financial strain for families paying Penn’s tuition.
01/28/11 6:25am

Your Voice | An important educational program

A grassroots movement would be ideal, and we hope that these LGBT workshops will serve as an impetus for individuals and fraternities as a whole to take initiative.
01/28/11 6:15am

Your Voice | A clarification on LGBT workshops

IFC President Harris Heyer wants to shed light on the LGBT workshops referenced in an editorial earlier this week. These workshops are not mandatory.
01/27/11 6:04am

Your Voice | A voice of extremism

Wharton freshman Lisa Felber writes that students should bring controversial author Norman Finkelstein to campus, but they should acknowledge his extremism.
01/27/11 5:58am

Your Voice | A promoter of peace

Penn graduate, doctorate and staff member Seth Kulick believes there is no basis for referring to Norman Finkelstein as 'anti-Israel' in a headline.
01/18/11 4:47am

Your Voice | Continue social-welfare programs

A graduate student wrote a letter to the editor commenting on the need for government-funded social programs in addition to the recent increase in social entrepreneurship.
01/14/11 5:58am

Your Voice | Inappropriate coverage of alcohol

A Penn parent wrote us to say the DP's coverage of alcohol and substance abuse presents a poor image of the University.
12/03/10 6:50am

Your Voice | Letters to the Editor

The UA writes about its communication with DPS after the Nov. 21 shooting, and a Residential Advisory Board member responds to a housing guide story about negative experiences with on-campus housing.
11/24/10 3:35am

Your Voice | Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor about the Division of Public Safety's response to the shooting and Emerson Brooking's column about DP coverage of Christian Lunoe's arrest and resignation.
11/23/10 3:18am

Your Voice | Letters to the Editor

DPS served us well this weekend, and we are thankful for their work in protecting the health, safety and well being of the Penn community.
11/20/10 1:49pm

Your Voice | Letters to the Editor

There is a possibility that Congress will pass the DREAM Act. The bill would directly impact Penn students and help us meet the goals of the Penn Compact.
10/29/10 4:05am

Your Voice | Letters to the editor

Letters to the Editor in response to Alec Webley's column about the 'It gets better' movement and a news article titled 'University enrolls illegal immigrants.'
10/08/10 2:42am

Your Voice | Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor about a column on evangelical Christianity and a news article about the new Tea Party group at Penn.
09/24/10 2:43am

Your Voice | Letters to the editor

A 2008 College alum responds to the toast toss controversy and a Penn Med researcher shares his thoughts on the Iraq War's impact on the Penn community.