Joke Issue 2012

04/03/12 11:54pm

Joke Issue: 'DP' to charge for online content

To emulate The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, The Daily Pennsylvanian will begin charging readers $20 a month to read online content.
04/03/12 11:48pm

Joke Issue: Gutmann to hire house cleaner as work-study position

On Tuesday, students lined up in hopes of gaining the coveted position of house cleaner for Penn President Amy Gutmann, a new work-study job posted earlier this week.
04/03/12 11:44pm

Joke Issue: Furda: sexy and he knows it

Dean of Admissions Eric Furda has been selected to participate in the 15th season of “Dancing with the Stars,” the producers of the show announced earlier this week.
04/03/12 11:40pm

Joke Issue: Students in 'Monk' class arrested for public intoxication and arson

Three Penn students were arrested at 11 p.m. last night for public intoxication and arson, Division of Public Safety reported.
04/03/12 11:37pm
Penn announced yesterday that a new liquor store will occupy Philly Diner’s old location next month.
04/03/12 11:30pm

Joke Issue: 'Not Penn State,' says admit office

More than 400 Penn acceptance letters were accidentally sent to Pennsylvania State University applicants, Dean of Admissions Eric Furda announced in a statement Tuesday.
04/03/12 11:25pm

Joke Issue: Engineering School to switch to AOL email

Over the next year, all engineering students will be required to switch to AOL from their current SEAS emails as the Engineering school shuts down its own email servers.
04/05/11 8:26am

Joke issue: Editorial | ‘DP’ drinking game

As a sequel to our 2011 State of the Union Drinking Game, here’s another drinking game to make your daily perusal of the ‘DP’ a little more exciting.
04/05/11 5:09am

Joke issue: FlingSafe gets wild with opium den

Monday morning, a group of FlingSafe members were arrested for selling and smoking opium in a Fisher Hassenfeld dorm room.
04/05/11 4:39am
After winning the Ivy League chess tournament, the Penn chess team has been stripped of its title.
04/05/11 4:35am

Joke issue: Double Life | You are not the father!

Jack Wyant’s double life