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America is dropping the ball. Just about every week there is a story about how someone is abusing their right to live in the United States. On March 6, a Navy veteran posted a picture of her and her husband’s — currently in the Navy — baby both in their uniform and in the U.S. flag. This is reprehensible. First it violates the Flag Code, and in Virginia is a Class I misdemeanor and should be punished as such. It is also against the 10 USC 771 regarding unauthorized wearing of a military uniform. The parents, especially seeing as how they are veterans of the armed forces, should know better and afford the proper respect to flag and uniform.

On March 18 in New York, a public school had the audacity to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic. While the New York Education code doesn’t specifically say that the Pledge of Allegiance needs to be recited in English, it should.

These incidents have made me realize we need to have a new pledge of allegiance that better aligns with what the founding fathers would have intended. They would be mortified to know that this land of freedom for Caucasian, English-speaking, male landowners has been overtaken by those seeking equal rights.

So I propose we adopt this new pledge to be recited — in English, this is America! — every school day by impressionable young children, so that by the time they are adults they have blind, unwavering patriotism to this country that gives so much to them.

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, as the highest symbol of freedom. May it never be used in any way that doesn’t afford it the reverence it demands, even by people who have fought for it. I pledge to only speak English, even if it isn’t the official language of the United States, and to condemn others who don’t, regardless if they are citizens or not. I pledge all this, to stand as one Nation above all others, under God, with liberty and justice for those in power.”

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