Frequently Asked Questions

What time is the current issue published online?

We begin to upload the content of each day's edition during the evening prior to publication. The Daily Pennsylvanian is published Monday through Thursday when University of Pennsylvania classes are in session, and is not published during final exams, University holidays or fall, winter and spring breaks. However, breaking news and sports results are frequently added to the site as soon as articles are written and edited, so the site is often updated during the day and vacation periods.

Our weekly arts and entertainment section, 34th Street Magazine, is published on Thursdays and is available online at A summer edition of The Daily Pennsylvanian, The Summer Pennsylvanian, is published during the months when summer school is in session, and is published in print once per week on Thursdays. The website is also updated with breaking news articles at other times during the week.

What does offer me that I can't find in the print version of The Daily Pennsylvanian?

Each day, features numerous interactive features, videos, photo slideshows and audio clips. In addition, articles and photographs that don't run in print due to limited space in the newspaper are published online. Online articles often contain links to other articles or websites with related or additional information — making it as easy as pointing and clicking to get background and additional information on subjects of interest.

We also maintain the humor blog, Under the Button, which is updated frequently during the day.

The Archives section of the website provides access to more than a decade's worth of content from The Daily Pennsylvanian. You can look for articles by keywords and/or date range, or browse all the articles in any section of the site for any prior month.

Feedback on each article allows readers to add their own comments to articles on the site. You can browse what others have to say, and add your own voice at the click of a button.

We also provide information on our staffadvertising in the paper and online, and the Daily Pennsylvanian Alumni Association. And we have many opportunities for our readers to submit story ideas, corrections, and letters to the editor online.

How far back do the archived articles go?

The searchable archives include news articles dating back to January 1990. The archives from 1990 through 1992 are not 100 percent complete. Sports articles date back to September 1993. Photographs published with articles were added to the archives starting in September 2000. And 34th Street Magazine content has been archived since September 2001.

Articles are automatically added to the searchable archives as they are published, so all content up through the current edition is available when you search the site. There are more than 30,000 articles in our archives.

Why aren't the ads in the printed DP online?

Simply taking print ads, reducing them so that they'll fit onscreen, and placing them online generally doesn't work well; some are hard to read while others take a long time to download to your computer. The internet is a different medium than print, and there's a lot of experimenting going on in the online community about how to effectively put advertising information in a useful, interesting format. Interactivity, sound and video clips and links to other sites are all pieces of the equation. The site currently features several sizes of online-only banner ads ads, plus all the Classified line ads from the print edition of the newspaper. For more information about online advertising, see our advertising page.

Why doesn't include the crossword puzzle that appears in The Daily Pennsylvanian?

Our contracts with the suppliers of these syndicated materials are based on the circulation of our print edition, and do not allow us to post them electronically for unlimited global distribution.

Do I need any particular browser software to fully access the website?

No, you should be able to get around with most relatively current software browsers. Our site is designed and tested with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows PCs, and Safari, Chrome, and Firefox on Macs. Most of the site should be navigable by text-to-speech software for readers with viewing disabilities.

Because of the rapid proliferation of browser updates and the number of computing platforms and browser programs, we are unable to check our site in every browser on every type of computing platform. Please feel free to let us know know if you encounter any problems with on your browser (be sure to tell us what browser (and version), what operating system (and version) and what type of computer you're using). Although we don't guarantee that we'll be able to make changes to suit a particular browser, we may be able to give you some tips on how to better view our site with your particular configuration.

If you have a question or comment about, or an item that you'd like to see added to this list of frequently asked questions, please send it to Director of Web Development Andrew Fischer. We'll add new items here from the questions we receive. Don't forget to keep checking the website for new sections and features.