Contacting The Daily Pennsylvanian

Have a question or concern? Need to get in touch with somebody? Dial (215) 898-6585 (Editorial) or (215) 898-6581 (Business).

Staff Directory
For information on contacting a specific member of The Daily Pennsylvanian’s staff, visit our staff directory.

Tell the DP About an Upcoming Event
If you are interested in letting us know about an event your organization is holding, please email Assignments Editor Jody Freinkel with the specifics (group, time, place, etc.). Also, add your event to Events at Penn.

Submitting News Tips or Story Ideas
Submit a news tip or story idea by e-mailing

Reporting an Error
To report an error in an article, or comment about our coverage, please contact the Managing Editor.

Send a Letter to the Editor
We want to hear from you! Send us a letter to the editor. Contact Opinion Editor Jennifer Yu with questions.

Feedback for
Contact Director of Online Projects Lois Lee with suggestions for or comments on

Placing an Advertisement
• For information about advertising in any of The Daily Pennsylvanian, Inc.‘s publications, visit our advertising information page.
• For information about placing a classified advertisement, visit our classified advertisement information page.
• Questions? Contact Business Manager Gianni Mascioli.

Joining The Daily Pennsylvanian
We recruit new members at the beginning of every semester. For more information, check out our join page.

• For general information about joining the Business Department, contact Business Manager Gianni Mascioli, extension 115.
• For general information about joining the Editorial Department, contact Managing Editor Amanda Suarez, extension 164.
• For information about the News Department, contact Assignments Editor Jody Freinkel, extension 139.
• For information about the Sports Department, contact Senior Sports Editor Steven Tydings, extension 145.
• For information about joining the Design, Photo and Video departments, contact Creative Director Design Editors Hailey Edelstein.

Joining 34th Street Magazine and Under the Button
• For information about joining the 34th Street Magazine staff, contact Editor-in-Chief Chloe Bower, extension 179.
• For information about joining the Under the Button staff, contact Editor-in-Chief Ben Lerner.

Buying photographs
Most photographs which appear in the pages of The Daily Pennsylvanian, 34th Street Magazine or on may be purchased as photographic reprints or posters; photos which don’t show student athletes may also be ordered printed on T-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs and even jigsaw puzzles! For information about buying photographs, click here to visit our online photo archive.

All other inquiries
• To contact The Daily Pennsylvanian, Inc.‘s Editorial Departments, please call (215) 898-6585.
• To contact The Daily Pennsylvanian, Inc.‘s Business Department, please call (215) 898-6581 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

To reach The Daily Pennsylvanian, Inc. by fax, please dial (215) 898-2050.

Mailing address
The Daily Pennsylvanian, Inc. offices are located at: 4015 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA, 19104