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If you have any questions or comments about the paper or the website, please contact Executive Editor Taylor Culliver or Managing Editor Amanda Suarez.

If you have a news tip, please email the news editors at


Taylor Culliver, Executive Editor:
Amanda Suarez, Managing Editor:
Lois Lee, Director of Online Projects:
Hailey Edelstein, Creative Director:
Jennifer Yu, Opinion Editor:
Fiona Glisson, Campus News Editor:
Harry Cooperman, City News Editor:
Jody Freinkel, General Assignments Editor:
Will Marble, Enterprise Editor:
Steven Tydings, Senior Sports Editor:
Ian Wenik, Sports Editor:
Riley Steele, Sports Editor:

Genesis Nunez, Copy Editor:
Matt Mantica, Copy Editor:

Analyn Delos Santos, News Design Editor:
Vivian Lee, News Design Editor:
Jenny Lu, Sports Design Editor:

Yolanda Chen, News Photo Editor:
Michele Ozer, Sports Photo Editor:
Connie Kang, Photo Manager:

Stephanie Park, Video Producer:
Jennifer Kim, Video Producer:

Luke Chen, Weekly Pennsylvanian Editor:

Aidan McConnell, The Red & The Blue Editor:

34th Street Magazine and Under The Button Editors

Chloe Bower, 34th Street  Editor-in-Chief:
Patrick Ford-Matz, 34th Street Managing Editor:
Abigail Koffler, 34th Street Digital Director:
Ben Lerner, Under The Button Editor-in-Chief:

Click here for a full list of Street editors.

Business Managers

Gianni Mascioli, Business Manager:
Selma Belghiti, Finance Manager:
Chantal Garcia Fischer, Credit Manage:
Katherine Chang, Advertising Manager:
Eric Parrish, Marketing Manager:

Campus News Reporters

Fola Onifade, Administration and Finance 
Brenda Wang, Higher Education and Admissions 
Laura Anthony
, Cultural Affairs 
Lauren Feiner, School of Arts and Sciences 
Kristen Grabarz
, Student Government 
Yueqi Yang
, Wharton 
Bookyung Jo, Engineering/Tech 
Alice Gerow
, Employment and Careers

To submit a news tip or comment about campus news coverage, contact Campus News Editor Fiona Glisson at

City News Reporters

Sam Byers, Politics
Jill Castellano, Crime
Jenny Lu, Campus Residences and Facilities
Claire Cohen, West Philadelphia
Melissa Lawford, Greek life, Religion and Community Service
Victoria Moffitt, Graduate Schools
Jody Freinkel, Crime
Alex Getsos, Health and Nursing

To submit a news tip or comment about city news coverage, contact City News Editor Harry Cooperman at

Senior writers

Jeremy Jick
Dina Moroz
Lianna Serko
Sarah Smith
Alex Zimmermann

Web producers

Divya Ramesh
Eunice Lim
Angelyn Irvin
Andres de los Rios

News developers

Matt Weaver
Josh Karnofsky
Luke Carlson
Langston MacDiarmid
Claudia Wynn

Sports Reporters

Allison Bart, Men's Basketball
Steven Jaffe, Men's Basketball
Michael Tony, Men's Basketball
John Phillips, Men's Basketball
Karl Bagherzadeh, Wrestling
Jimmy Lengyel, Women's Basketball
Alexis Ziebelman, Gymnastics, Women's Squash
Sushaan Modi, Women's Basketball
Todd Costa, Men's and Women's Swimming
Alex Ott, Women's Basketball
Danielle Chuang, Women's Squash
Holden McGinnis, Women's Basketball, Men's Squash
Sam Altland, Men's and Women's Swimming
Colin Henderson, Men's and Women's Swimming
Laine Higgins, Wrestling
Seamus Powers, Wrestling
Titus Adkins, Fencing
Daniel Rich, Fencing
Corey Henry, Men's Squash

To submit a news tip or comment about sports coverage, contact Senior Sports Editor Steven Tydings at


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Arielle Pardes | The Screwtinizer
Jason Choi & William Zhang | Frosh off the Boat
Collin Boots | The Devil's Advocate
Diane Bayeux | Lines of Perspective
Abel McDaniels | Willing and Abel
Sam Sherman | Creative Voice

Professional Staff

Eric Jacobs, General Manager:
Katherine Ross, Operations Director:
David Graham, Advertising Director:
Donna Kuzma, Office Manager:
Jason Gordon, Account Executive: