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Aya Saed | Arming America

Rather than killing Muslim civilians and children under a façade of liberation, we should empower these communities.

Aya Saed | Not so different after all

The Class of 2016 — who will be joining us next fall — promises to be more diverse and representative of the shifting demographics in this country. The increased diversity creates new potential to unite students from all walks of life.

Aya Saed | Leveraging Penn privilege

Philadelphia is home to some of the most discriminatory laws in the country, but we simply do not have to deal with their repercussions because of our Penn ID.

Aya Saed | Why wear a hoodie for Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin is not dead — his memory is giving life to a powerful movement. And in his spirit, I’m asking this community to join the Million Hoodie March today at 5 p.m. in front of Du Bois College House as we march toward Love Park in protest.

Aya Saed | Notes from an NYPD subject

Before this incident, I was pretty confident that I was in no way subjected to the scrutiny of American law enforcement, but I was naïve. The same might apply to you.

Aya Saed | Tackling the deathly issue

Penn students are eager to integrate themselves into the community and ensure that things change for the better. But it’s time to also gather momentum in combating an issue of life and death.

Weighing in on culture of obesity

Two Penn researchers are combatting the problem of our society’s culture of obesity in an innovative way — by partnering universities with the community.

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