The Beer

Beer Classification: Belgian Witbier or White

Beer History: This beer is a departure from the usual hop bombs from Ohio’s Fat Heads. Crackery malts, rounded out with sweet honey and pops of blueberry in the aroma & finish.

Familiar: Avery White Rascal, Ommegang Witte, Hoegardaan

Great With: Corn & Crab Hushpuppies or Proscuitto & Fig Pizza
Fun Fact: Signature ingredients in all Belgian Witbiers- coriander & orange peel, providing pretty sweet & spice compliment to the soft wheat flavor

Kirav Patel

Senior in ZBT, Studying Finance

"If your go-to drink is an Allagash White, you’re definitely not alone. Officially THE most popular beer at City Tap’s across Philadelphia and D.C. and winner of countless awards, Allagash White has a rapidly growing group of admirers spreading from coast to coast.

Known for its refreshing, yet flavorful profile, Allagash White is an American take on a Belgium Witbier (“White Beer”) with a strong essence of curaçao orange peel and coriander. From start to finish, drinking Allagash White is an incredibly pleasant experience even if you are not a beer lover. It’s as drinkable as a corona lime with an even bolder fruit and spice profile. Next time you are out, order an Allagash White. 

Or try an Allagash Beermosa at City Tap, a delicious take on a morning favorite. You will see yourself downing drink after drink and might have a new favorite beer in the process. After all, there is a reason that everyone from Philadelphia to Los Angeles is falling in love with this beer."

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