Following a string of protests on many Ivy League campuses over issues from insensitive Halloween costumes and institutional oppression to other issues concerning race relations, Black Lives Matter protesters at Dartmouth took to the university library to forcefully air their grievances. However, this demonstration seemed to take a more violent and confrontational flavor compared to other recent ones.

The Dartmouth Review relays details on the Black Lives Matter protest that took place on Nov. 12, which caused a palpable tremor of unrest, especially to students trying to study for exams in the university library. Apparently, the Black Lives Matter collective, numbering 150 students, stormed into Baker-Berry library in the middle of the day and began wildly shouting racial epithets at the students in the library including “F*** you, you filthy white f***s!” “F*** you and your comfort!” “F*** you, you racist s***!” 

Several reports by students and library staff indicate that the protesters continued to escalate the demonstration by physical means, which included holding some students up against the walls of study rooms and barking at them. The Dartmouth Review points out that, while even if the cause this group is advocating for is at its base, noble and in favor of justice, it doesn’t seem like the protesters were necessarily invested in pointing out systematic examples of entrenched racism at Dartmouth or abroad through their semi-violent tactics, allowing no real room for proper discourse.

Read more at The Dartmouth Review.

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