30 seconds with: Penn football kicker Jimmy Gammill


Junior kicker Jimmy Gammill is embroiled in a battle for the starting job.

Photo by Michele Ozer

Junior Jimmy Gammill is in the middle of a competition for a spot as Penn football’s starting placekicker, battling with senior and incumbent starter Connor Loftus and sophomore Aron Morgan. Gammill took some time to answer a few questions on his favorite celebrations, Johnny Manziel and Superman.

When you make a kick, what is your celebration?

This season, I might have to sport a little money Manziel. That’s the go-to for this season.

Will Johnny Manziel be successful in the NFL?


Who’s your favorite NFL player?

Leeroy Jenkins.

Favorite superhero and why?

I probably have to go with Superman. He’s just a classic.

Who is the best dressed guy on the team?

[Junior tight end] Ryan Kelly. He likes to sport a pair of seventh-grade sunglasses and wear shirts meant for 40-year-old men.

Favorite movie and why?

"Shooter." I like action movies.

What is your favorite uniform for Penn football?

I like the new gray ones. Shoutouts to [junior quarterback] Alex Matthews for hooking it up.

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