Firefighters arrived to contain a fire in the Hamilton Court Apartments at 39th and Chestnut streets early Tuesday morning.

According to Philadelphia Fire Department executive chief Richard Davison, roofing material caught fire on the fifth floor of apartment building C.

The firefighters were dispatched around 2:30 a.m. and the flames were controlled at around 3:20 a.m.

No tenants were injured, but one firefighter was immediately brought to a local hospital with minor injuries, Davison said. He has since been released.

Emily Brown, University City Housing Property Manager at Hamilton Court, said the fire department was quick to respond.

Abigail Kleva, a rising College sophomore who lives on the first floor of the affected building, said she “woke up around 2:45 a.m. to the lights of the fire trucks and realized something was wrong.”

“The smoke smelled incredibly strong and we realized we had to get out. We saw five or six fire trucks lined up and down Chestnut,” she said.

Rising College senior Joe-Ann Moser, who was also in the building, said there were about 15 people who evacuated the building.

Until the proper ruling of city officials, tenants will not be permitted to move back into the apartments.

Rising College junior Molly Sloss is a tenant on the fourth floor of the affected building but was out of town during the fire. She said UCH has not given her a definite answer as to when she and other tenants will be able to move back into the apartments.

As of now, tenants are being escorted into the building to collect any needed items, Brown said.

UCH is providing alternative housing to the residents that were affected, she added.

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