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04/23/17 8:52pm
“It’s a fresh start,” Penn Labs co-director and Wharton sophomore Tiffany Chang said. “I think there [was] a lot of stigma around the app previously.”
04/23/17 1:50pm
See what crimes occurred in the Penn Patrol Zone between Apr. 7 to Apr. 14.
04/19/17 3:17pm
The ten-time Grammy award winner recently announced in a press release that he will serve on the advisory board of the Quattrone Center for the Fair Administration of Justice at Penn Law.
04/18/17 7:16pm
“By the time you get to law school, or any professional school, there’s the assumption that the playing field is even,” Hossain said. “But I think what people forget is the experiences of a first-generation student — the experiences we come with, the stories that we bring — are completely different from the regular student that goes to law school.”
04/15/17 12:22pm
A new contract between the University of Pennsylvania Health System and health insurer Independence Blue Cross is set to become effective July 1, 2017.
04/13/17 6:49pm
April 5: At 4:39 p.m. at Riepe College House, an affiliated female reported unauthorized charges were made with her credit card.
04/12/17 11:09pm
Vice President Maureen Rush recalled that she was originally skeptical of hiring Fischer since he had never served on patrol for the Philadelphia Police, but Fischer proved his commitment. 
04/11/17 8:09pm
The Division of Public Safety anticipates a further rise in thefts during the spring season, where warmer weather is thought to encourage this type of criminal behavior.
04/04/17 11:16pm
Chair of the Fine Arts Department Ken Lum initially conceived of the Monument Lab after he moved to Philadelphia in 2012. He was inspired by the city's history but felt the art didn't reflect the contributions of some of Philadelphia's greatest artists and musicians.
04/02/17 5:26pm
Questions have been raised about $100,000 in contracts arranged between a “disgraced” former Philadelphia Parking Authority Chief and Penn graduate student and SEPTA police chief Tom Nestel.
03/23/17 7:51pm
Harvard Law school recently announced they will allow students to submit the GRE in place of the LSAT, but some Penn Law students don't think Penn should do the same.
03/17/17 7:54pm
FIRE, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, gives Penn a “green light” rating, the highest rating awarded for protection of free speech.
03/16/17 6:11pm
A Penn nursing professor is being honored for her contribution to nursing research internationally.
03/01/17 10:25pm
Susan Sorenson, who serves as a professor of social policy in the school of social policy and practice as well as the Director of the Evelyn Jacobs Ortner Center on Family Violence, performed a study in partnership with the Philadelphia Police Department on over 35,000 cases of intimate partner violence.
02/22/17 9:34pm
Feb. 9: At 8:00 p.m. on the 200 block of S. 42nd Street, a complainant parked a vehicle on the highway in a parking space and found the vehicle missing on his return. The suspect, a 23-year old, unaffiliated male, was arrested.
02/17/17 2:34pm
“How do you not pay women equitably?” one of the trustees asked in the meeting. 
02/14/17 8:37pm
Kristen Fitch, senior manager for marketing and media relations at the University City Science Center said that most of the startups don't need these tax credits, so they can sell them instead at market value and use the money at their discretion to pursue new projects.
02/08/17 9:46pm
Jan 27: At 9:15 p.m. at Phi Kappa Psi on 3934 Spruce Street, three affiliated male complainants reported personal property missing from their residence during an event at the property.
01/31/17 8:57pm
A message from a Chinese Museum to the University of Pennsylvania on January 11, posted on the museum’s public WeChat page, called for the return of two famous statues called the “Tang Horses” from the “Zhaoling Liujun” set according to China Daily. 
01/29/17 8:03pm
UPHS settled the lawsuit over improper billing for unnecessary procedures that involved the use of stents, or small tubes that narrowed arteries.
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