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10/16/14 10:40pm

Guest column by Theodore Caputi | In defense of Tom Corbett

What’s most disappointing about the Penn Dems’ column is that they fail to mention any of Corbett’s successes. There’s no hint of a counterargument in their entire column. They don’t mention that Corbett cut the Pennsylvania state deficit by over $4 billion, that Pennsylvania recently experienced its lowest unemployment rate since 2008, that the state income tax has not increased over his entire tenure and that he reduced the state government to its smallest size in 50 years.
10/06/14 11:50pm

Letter to the Editor from Theodore Caputi | Make Penn a haven for students in recovery

We can help by providing students with safe and sober living quarters so they can stay in school even as they work to overcome addiction. The Haven At College is a nonprofit organization that provides housing and support services for students who attend school while dealing with addiction. The Haven has given college students the opportunity to attend college, despite their recovery needs.
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