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05/16/15 12:06pm
I closed the door on my Penn career sitting in Huntsman Hall watching the timer as it ticked towards blinking zeros.
12/10/14 12:28am
More information exists at your fingertips than ever before, but how much do you really know about what’s going on in the world?
08/27/14 11:37pm
This redesign is only the beginning of a renewal in our digital focus.
08/26/14 11:43pm
Last January, I assured you that this group of editors and managers would be “coming at you differently, with fresh eyes and new perspectives.”We have challenged ourselves consistently throughout the year, working to find ways to push the envelope and imbue our work and our products with a new sense of energy.
08/20/14 9:42pm
To the Class of 2018: Think about the person you want to be and use Penn (and its myriad resources) to become that person.
07/24/14 5:13pm
A billboard advertising a $25,000 reward for tips towards Don Ly's murder was unveiled today at a press conference. Ly operated a fruit salad cart at 34th and Walnut streets.
07/02/14 6:08pm
But then I realized that by not speaking up about race to people who could have no clue what it feels like to walk in my shoes, I was only holding everyone back, myself included.
04/17/14 12:12am

Letter from the editor | Our decision regarding the men's basketball graphic

On Tuesday, April 15, The Daily Pennsylvanian published an article titled “Welcome to the new Penn basketball” with an accompanying graphic of the Penn basketball team.
03/16/14 8:52pm

Letter from the Editor | Back in the spring of things

Additionally, we hope that you continue to hold us accountable as well as we try to provide engaging information that will improve your Penn experience.
01/28/14 9:10pm
We continue, as we have for 129 years before us, to commit ourselves to telling your stories, to giving you information you can use, to speaking up about the issues you care about and, most importantly, to providing a platform through which your voice — as as member of the Penn community — can be heard.
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