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06/14/17 10:13pm
The six branches under Penn Student Government include the Undergraduate Assembly, which lobbies for students' needs, and the Social Planning and Events Committee, which helps to organize campus-wide activities like Spring Fling. 
05/10/17 3:10am
“The past few speakers have had such a strong left leaning,” College senior Samantha Rahmin said. “We’re getting to a point where if they were going to choose someone political, they should’ve chosen someone more moderate or more to the right."
04/13/17 7:11pm
“Before going abroad, I was worried something like this was going to happen, but not in Sweden," College junior Lacey Chaum said. "It was the first time I ever felt like Stockholm was unsafe.”
04/09/17 10:51pm
The event represented an effort by Penn Dems to bolster relations with the Pennsylvania College Democrats.
04/04/17 10:03pm
With the goal of forging stronger bonds among Latino men, as well as in communities both on Yale’s campus and in New Haven, the new club holds weekly brunch meetings, reported the Yale Daily News.
04/04/17 6:29pm
After clearing it with the president’s office the afternoon before the show, College senior and Mask and Wig Chairman Tim Bloom invited Gutmann onto the stage to sing Penn’s song, "The Red and Blue."
03/20/17 10:21pm
After the resignation of incumbent Democrat Leslie Acosta due to her guilty plea for embezzlement, a special election was called for Pennsylvania House District 197.
03/12/17 8:08pm
“We thought that Kenan would be great, because not only do we all see him every weekend on 'Saturday Night Live,' but we also grew up with him on 'All That' and 'Kenan and Kel',” College senior Caroline Pitofsky said.
02/28/17 10:25pm
After briefly poking fun at Biden’s appearances on the TV show Parks and Recreation and his ubiquity in the satirical news outlet The Onion, Gutmann opened by honoring Biden’s accomplishments.
02/28/17 8:24pm
“It was more parodying comedy about Trump than it was joking about Trump,” Bloom said. “We’re making fun of ourselves almost. It was on a meta-level about not touching Trump in the comedy world.”
02/20/17 10:44pm
“My parents are concerned, but this isn’t new for South Koreans,” College sophomore Mina Yoo, a Seoul resident, said. “We’ve had to deal with North Koreans doing these kinds of tests since the 1980s.”
02/15/17 10:28pm
#DeleteUber became a boycott against the company, with many Penn students switching to the alternative ride-sharing service Lyft. However, campus opinion about the effectiveness of the movement varies.
02/13/17 9:47pm
“In the fall, [our strategy] was campaigning for the candidates that we really cared about. This semester, it means speakers, education events, advocacy and fundraising,” Pomerantz said.
02/12/17 9:13pm

Yale to rename Calhoun College over namesake's ties to slavery

Grace Murray Hopper received her doctorate in mathematics from Yale in 1934, served as a rear admiral in the United States Navy and was a pioneer in the field of computer science.
02/07/17 10:39pm
Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was thrust into the political spotlight when she assumed the mayorship of Baltimore at only 39 years old, following the conviction of Mayor Sheila Dixon for embezzlement in 2009.
02/05/17 8:42pm
Even in light of the near-constant protests his administration have provoked on campus and across the country, the faith some Penn students have in Trump's leadership hasn’t wavered.
02/01/17 10:04pm
By relocating the Discovery Celebration fundraiser,” the petition reads, “the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute will demonstrate its core values to the nation, to the medical community, and most importantly, to patients,” the Crimson reported.
01/31/17 9:59pm
American Constitutional Law professor Rogers Smith wrote, “Neil Gorsuch has elite credentials — the son of a Cabinet official and a graduate of Columbia and Harvard Law, like Barack Obama with whom he overlapped in law school.”
01/26/17 7:55pm
“None of us have six degrees of separation anymore from the criminal justice system,” Marie Gottschalk said. “It’s metastasizing into our wider democracy and questioning the legitimacy of democracy in the United States.”
01/25/17 9:58pm
“This is not a dictatorship,” Kenney said, according to 6abc. “This is a democracy. We will take avail of every opportunity we have to protect our citizens and protect our people who are living in our city.”
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