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09/17/18 12:49am
Students who've grown up abroad and have been around alcohol since their teenage years are responsible drinkers, especially compared to students who had their first beer during New Student Orientation. 
08/27/18 11:57pm
Depending on your state of permanent residence — and your politics — you may get a kick out of helping “flip” a seat this fall.
04/02/18 2:54am
The controversies surrounding Donald Trump as a shady businessman, uncouth politician, groping womanizer, and increasingly failed president should be motivation enough for the University to take a bold stand.
02/15/18 2:19am
We must guard diligently against rewriting the past just to please the popular opinion of the day and to make people comfortable in contemporary society.
01/28/18 1:00pm
In the United States alone the natural disasters associated with climate change, including hurricanes and wildfires, cost a record $306 billion in damages – making 2017 the costliest year ever.
01/11/18 5:18pm
It is a challenge to think about jumping into the swamp that so many are shouting about draining. But, members of the Penn community are precisely the sorts of individuals that America needs now.
12/12/17 1:05am
The fall semester is just about to end and a lot has happened that has left lasting impressions and changes on this campus.
12/05/17 10:23pm
If passed, these changes would undermine higher education and would have a negative multi-generational impact on the United States.
11/22/17 2:42am
After the recent revelations of the Paradise Papers, it is obvious that Penn hasn’t been entirely practicing what it preaches.
11/19/17 11:50pm
Do we need a major overhaul of the UC or does the UC just have a brand problem?
11/07/17 1:03am
Perhaps we don’t need a Penn course to teach us how to spot fake news, but we do need to take individual responsibility in learning this valuable skill.
11/06/17 3:48am
In general, how can student activist groups lobby Penn's administration effectively in order to promote change? 
10/23/17 11:10pm
Although the trend of admitting over 50 percent of each freshman class in Early Decision has its drawbacks, it is ultimately the best system for ensuring the most committed Penn class.
10/23/17 3:16am
Is Penn filling up too much of its classes through early decision? Should there be any changes to Penn's admissions policies with regards to early decision?
10/09/17 11:47pm
Might not the challenges of interacting and learning to live with totally random strangers as we start our university careers have been a valuable learning experience?
09/26/17 10:16pm
This election does matter as it represents the continuation of Germany being the clear leader among liberal Western democracies, in a time when many countries are shifting significantly towards nationalism and authoritarianism.
09/25/17 4:08am
Do you believe that the task force efforts to combat sexual violence and substance abuse are currently misguided with regards to events monitoring?
09/12/17 1:06am
In the American university system, we are connected, not separated.
09/08/17 9:37pm
Should Penn admissions change its policies regarding legacy students? If so, what should it do?
08/29/17 1:58am
We must change the over zealous culture that has come to dominate college campuses by being more accepting of opposing ideas and hiring more conservative faculty.
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