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10/21/21 11:48pm
Penn was the second most represented school on the list with 14 billionaires, falling just behind Harvard University’s 15 billionaires. 
10/12/21 9:26pm
The study concluded that even in cities with close access to health professionals, poorer and primarily Black communities have higher amputation rates.
09/23/21 9:33pm
The Specialized Programs of Research Excellence, also known as SPOREs, is a five-year award to fund three new melanoma research projects.
07/26/21 1:24am
The researchers found that no particular demographic was more impacted by the effects of online learning and that certain learning techniques were more effective.
06/23/21 11:45pm
Texas court federal judge dismissed a lawsuit against the Houston Methodist Hospital System for requiring its employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.
06/09/21 11:48pm
Students are concerned the vaccine mandate could force international students to move to the United States earlier and cause them to miss New Student Orientation activities and in-person classes.
04/27/21 11:57pm
With the Johnson & Johnson vaccine approved again, Philadelphia and the state of Pennsylvania plan to focus on reaching vulnerable populations who have not yet been vaccinated.
04/20/21 11:29pm
The School of Veterinary Medicine found that specially trained dogs can sniff out COVID-19 with 96% accuracy.
04/14/21 8:14pm
The money comes from a $5 billion fund dedicated to emergency housing assistance in the American Rescue Plan.
03/03/21 6:49pm
Officials intended for the clinic to be open only for essential workers, SEPTA employees, and federal employees. Once the link was leaked, however, the city had no way to restrict who signed up.
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