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03/28/08 5:00am
Jesus Week, an annual Penn celebration that begins on Sunday, will look a little different this year. The week-long event, organized by PennforJesus and now in its 13th year, will focus more on engaging non-Christians at Penn than it ever has before. And while not everyone is entirely comfortable with this year's proposed evangelism efforts, PennforJesus says its main goal is to raise awareness, not to convert the campus.
03/25/08 5:00am
Yesterday at Sayre High School in West Philadelphia, a businessman sat dead at a desk, surrounded by pills and alcohol. But no one called the police - the whole scene was staged by Penn students for high schoolers learning about forensic science. In CSI and Science in High School, an academically based community service course at Penn, students teach chemistry and forensic science to high-school juniors.
02/06/08 5:00am

Waiting for the chance to count

Yesterday may have been Super Tuesday across the country, but here in Pennsylvania, it wasn't much different than any other day of the week. That's because this state will not hold its primary until mid-April, and by that time, some experts say, both the Democrats and Republicans may already have clear choices for their nominations.
10/30/07 5:00am
In the squad cars and on the streets, citizens try to help stop the bleeding of Philadelphia's rising murder rate.
10/09/07 5:00am

Perspective | From Mars to malaria

Is there life on Mars? And does the time of year make you more inclined to think of a particular color of candy? Each semester, Penn professors tackle a number of questions across different topics, performing research that can save lives and solve problems of all sorts.
09/18/07 5:00am

Perspective | A legal battle asks: When hazing hits hard, who's to blame?

Gary DeVercelly just wanted to join Phi Kappa Tau. And for that desire, he paid the ultimate price. The 18-year-old from Long Beach, Calif., died in late March after a pledging ritual at the Rider University fraternity. DeVercelly, authorities said, had a blood alcohol content of 0.
09/18/07 5:00am

Perspective | Sidebar: At Penn, questions about hazing abound throughout the years

Although Penn has had its fair share of hazing incidents in past years, Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs Directory Scott Reikofski said he's confident that his office has responded to each one appropriately, always conducting "a full investigation" and working with alumni and national chapter representatives when necessary.
04/19/07 5:00am

To Serve and Protect (Part 4 of 4): Phila. homicides give Penn cause for concern

Homicides are up in Philadelphia, and though city and police leaders are working to reverse the disturbing trend, they say there is no quick fix.
03/28/07 5:00am

Groups speak out on police 'bias'

Student minority groups are speaking out against the Division of Public Safety in response to an incident last week in which a black College student was detained, calling it part of a larger trend of bias-based profiling.
02/27/07 5:00am

Perspective: Faculty misconduct raises questions over monitoring

'Innocent until proven guilty" isn't just the mantra of the United States legal system - it's also the way Penn oversees its tenured professors.
01/30/07 5:00am

Perspective: Plagiarism sees long path to punishment

At Penn, the disciplinary process isn't always straightforward with multiple steps, varying degrees of sanctions and numerous opportunities for appeals.
01/26/07 5:00am
Walk past the field outside Harrison College House late one night and you might see a crowd of people circled around a hookah, with Aman Agarwal passing the hose to his left. College students like Agarwal, a Wharton and Engineering sophomore from India, are increasingly smoking hookahs as a way to relax and socialize.
12/06/06 5:00am
It's hard to miss the blow-up Santa Claus hanging from a window of the Sigma Chi fraternity house on Locust Walk. Surrounding houses boast multicolored lights, red-and-green flowers, seasonal ornaments and even presents underneath the tree. These customs, Penn fraternity brothers say, have been going on for years and are still going strong.
12/01/06 5:00am
If you're waiting in line at Koch's Take Out Shop, somebody will probably offer you a free pickle.
11/29/06 5:00am

Fighting for affordable medicine

The pharmaceutical industry generates billions each year, and people in developing nations can be priced out of the market. But one Penn student group wants to change that by tackling high drug prices where medicines originate - with scientific researchers, including those at Penn.
11/22/06 5:00am
Walnut Street's '4021 Club' offers recovering alcoholics a place to find support - and friends.
11/17/06 5:00am

Harker seems to fit bill for University of Delaware president

The qualities that colleagues praise in Wharton Dean Patrick Harker may be exactly what the University of Delaware wants in its new president.
11/10/06 5:00am

This PR gaffe likely not as bad as others

At least it doesn't seem to be as bad as that "water buffalo" incident.
11/06/06 5:00am
Neal Goss is a quadriplegic and uses a wheelchair to get around. But the 2006 Wharton graduate says Penn made a conscious effort to accommodate his disability and make him feel the same as every other student. Since the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990, the University and other educational, business and cultural institutions say they have worked to become more accessible to those with disabilities.
11/01/06 5:00am
Professors will try almost anything to get you to sign up for their classes.
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