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04/26/11 5:12am

Farewell Column by Sabrina Benun | Sandwiches and the city

You may laugh at me for reflecting on my college experience through a lens of sandwiches. But a sandwich is whatever you want it to be — just like Penn.
04/22/11 9:15am

Last Call | Tripping with your class

Penn professors would be performing a great service if they incorporated a field trip or two into the typical course structure.
04/15/11 12:47am

Last Call | Party on, Quakers

If you need some ideas for what to do with the newspaper during Fling, I have a few suggestions.
04/08/11 4:50am

Last Call | A recommendation for Penn

Penn’s Career Services could do more to help students when it comes to collecting and distributing letters of recommendations for graduate school.
04/01/11 5:38am

Last Call | Planning for the future

Having a knack for executing a successful event will be beneficial in your future career and offer useful experiences to draw upon in job interviews.
03/25/11 4:23am

Last Call | Trees of knowledge

The Morris Arboretum is a lovely place to spend the afternoon, and students should take advantage of the many resources it offers.
03/18/11 5:26am

Last Call | On the road (trip)

We’re busy people with no time to waste. But on a road trip, we’ve resigned to taking the long way, and it’s okay.
02/18/11 5:40am

Last Call | R-E-SPEC-T speakers

Students need to be respectful of even the most divisive speakers — including Newt Gingrich, who is coming to campus next week.
02/11/11 5:26am

Last Call | A creative community

Students should take advantage of the creative writing courses, which can complement every major and teach skills that transcend the subject itself.
02/04/11 5:59am

Last Call | NSO: New Student Obstacles

Although Penn offers undergraduates many resources for dealing with their academic, social and emotional issues, it could do more to help freshmen.
01/28/11 6:48am

Last Call | Capital gains

In their ongoing internship and job search, Penn students shouldn’t ignore the wealth of opportunities awaiting them in our nation’s capital.
01/21/11 5:39am

Last Call | More morning mail

In the future, the University should create and automatically add all undergraduates to an events listserv and make it opt-out rather than opt-in.
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