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12/02/21 11:22pm
The study revealed that even common, low-risk procedures such as pacemakers or defibrillators are contributing to the national opioid crisis. 
11/10/21 11:20pm
Ninety-nine percent of MBA students who sought jobs after graduating from the Wharton School in 2021 received at least one offer.
10/31/21 11:34pm
The decision will be effective immediately and last until April 2022. 
10/05/21 9:26pm
The American Academy of Nursing will present the award to Villarruel during the 2021 Health Policy Conference from Oct. 7 to Oct. 9. 
09/22/21 10:26pm
2020 Wharton graduate Joey Coslet contributed to a leaked, unauthorized PowerPoint presentation described abusive work conditions for 13 junior bankers at Goldman Sachs.
09/15/21 11:26pm
The prize awarded $3 million dollars to Roberts Family Professor in Vaccine Research Drew Weissman and Adjunct Professor of Neurosurgery Katalin Karikó for their research on mRNA-based vaccines.
09/07/21 11:11pm
La Salle reported 43 positive cases on Sept. 6, up from four cases during the first week of classes.
04/29/21 10:58pm
Biden will visit 30th Street Station in downtown Philadelphia to push for his sweeping infrastructure proposal.
04/15/21 9:33pm
The prestigious, merit-based award, created by Congress in 1975 to honor the 33rd president, offers recipients up to $30,000 for graduate or professional school to prepare for a career in public service.
04/15/21 9:32pm
Baumlin, who is the chair of Pennsylvania Hospital's Emergency Medicine Department, co-founded a nonprofit that recruits experts in various fields to produce articles on topics such as education, gun violence, and infrastructure.
04/01/21 9:40pm
Researchers found that gender disparities were most pronounced when the mother was the only parent working from home and when neither parent was able to work remotely.
03/28/21 10:20pm
The study found that the cause an uptick in hate crimes against Asians during the COVID-19 pandemic was most significant in areas with high unemployment in Italy.
03/23/21 1:20am
The Google News Initiative awarded funding to and Univision Noticias to combat COVID-19 immunization misinformation in United States Hispanic households.
03/04/21 11:08pm
The Dean of Students said low COVID-19 positivity and consistent use of Harvard's symptom checker makes her hopeful for the fall semester.
02/18/21 11:34pm
Penn Medicine hired 50 new laboratory assistants through the University City District’s West Philadelphia Skills Initiative to strengthen testing capabilities and give nontraditional applicants access to STEM careers.
02/03/21 12:38am
The $80 million center uses steam from purified water in stainless steel machines to clean instruments like scissors, clips, and clamps for robotic arms used during brain surgery. 
01/26/21 10:18pm
The Department of Education will work with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to ensure universities have the latest, evidence-based recommendations regarding reopening.
12/02/20 11:44pm
The University will follow a phased approach to provide students living on-campus with access to academic facilities, such as libraries and research laboratories. 
11/05/20 1:23am
Nichols was the first independent woman architect in the United States with an office in Philadelphia and commissions nationwide. 
10/30/20 3:58pm
The coalition hopes to open, replicate, or expand at least 18 brick-and-mortar charter schools in Pennsylvania by 2025.
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