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05/11/22 12:42pm
Relive the Class of 2022's junior year at Penn, which featured two fully virtual semesters as well as celebrations following Joe Biden's the election as president.
04/25/22 11:15pm
In preparation for the upcoming election, The Daily Pennsylvanian has assembled a comprehensive ballot guide detailing how to vote, in person or by mail, and a brief run-down on all the candidates for students registered to vote on campus.
04/25/22 11:09pm
There are four Democrats and seven Republicans running in this year's primary election.
04/25/22 11:05pm
Democrat James Wright is challenging incumbent Democrat Rick Krajewski for his seat representing District 188 — which includes Penn — in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.
04/25/22 11:02pm
Josh Shapiro is the only candidate running for governor in the Democratic primary. For the Republican primary, there are nine candidates on the ballot. 
04/25/22 10:38pm
There are three Democrats and nine Republicans running for this position in the primary.
04/25/22 10:31pm
Penn is in Pennsylvania's 3rd Congressional District, which has been represented by incumbent Dwight Evans. He is running against Democrats Michael Cogbill and Alexandra Hunt this year.
04/25/22 9:45pm
Incumbent Democrat Anthony Williams is being challenged by fellow Democrat Paul Prescod for his seat representing District 8 in the State Senate.
04/07/22 12:27am
During the event, Bolton answered questions about topics ranging from the Russian-Ukrainian war to his relationship with former President Donald Trump. 
04/01/22 3:15am
About 25 Penn Democrats members attended the talk, which took place on the evening of March 30. Prescod spoke to the group about his platform and plans for if he is elected. 
03/25/22 12:18am
GPA partnered with the Andrea Mitchell Center for the Study of Democracy to host an all-parties political debate featuring Penn Dems, College Republicans, Penn Justice Dems, and Penn for Liberty on March 23.
03/14/22 11:49pm
Bildt spoke to the audience about the historical conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The event featured a conversation between Bildt and New York Times editor Clay Risen, and concluded with questions from attendees.
03/02/22 12:58am
Burns, an Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker and Academy Award nominee, will give the Commencement speech and receive an honorary doctor of arts degree from Penn.
02/23/22 10:48pm
The court chose a map submitted by a group of citizens and proposed by the Democratic plaintiffs that used the "least-change" approach to maintain the same, general representation as the previous map.
02/09/22 10:14pm
Over the course of the next month, FFP will be dedicating a week to highlight each of their five demands through social media posts and in-person teach-ins. 
02/02/22 11:55pm
The map, submitted by a team of 12 mathematicians, was created using computational redistricting methods, meaning computers were used to test options for potential congressional maps that comply with the legal requirements, according to Gressman.
01/23/22 11:50pm
Pennsylvanian politicians are attempting to finalize district maps for the state to use based on 2020 census data. Penn Leads the Vote has been working to include the perspectives of more college-aged voters in the redistricting process.
01/18/22 5:33pm
Leaders from Penn Government and Politics Association, Penn Democrats, College Republicans, and Penn Justice Democrats agreed that it is essential to follow Penn's new guidelines for campus events and gatherings outlined in their most recent statement due to the surge in COVID-19 cases nationwide. They expressed that they hope that it will be safe to return to face-to-face meetings and events in the upcoming weeks. 
12/08/21 11:39pm
The virtual presentation was part of the Penn Program on Regulation’s year-long Race and Regulation Series, which seeks to investigate how government regulations have fostered racial inequities.
11/17/21 10:19pm
About 60 students attended the hybrid event to listen to four Penn alumni share their personal experiences in consulting and the skills they believed aided them in their career successes. 
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