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12/11/22 2:00pm
The DP’s political coverage this year followed how the Penn community reacted to this year’s biggest moments in local and federal politics.
11/20/22 11:10pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke with three Penn political science professors about the status of the results and their implications for the future of the nation. 
11/07/22 1:46am
Shapiro told the DP he believes people's rights "are on the line" in this gubernatorial election. 
11/02/22 12:17am
Biden and Obama will speak at a campaign event for Senate nominee Lt. Gov. John Fetterman and gubernatorial candidate Attorney General Josh Shapiro.
10/30/22 10:34pm
Shapiro spoke about the importance of the upcoming midterm elections and his focus on more restrictive gun legislation, accessible election reforms, and securing reproductive rights. 
10/27/22 7:45pm
Ahead of Election Day, Scanlon spoke to The Daily Pennsylvanian about the importance of the upcoming midterms, saying, "It’s all on the line in this election." 
10/12/22 10:34pm
Pennsylvania's voter registration deadline is Oct. 24. 
09/25/22 11:59pm
After spending over a decade working in the corporate world, 2005 Engineering graduate Lauren Hedvat said that she found herself with a lot of time on her hands, and she began baking frequently.
09/25/22 10:02pm
The incoming fellows have expertise on topics including human rights, climate change, war ethics, and the protection of democratic institutions. 
09/08/22 10:31pm
The report found that 75% of the plan's benefits will fall to households that make less than $88,000 annually.
09/01/22 10:42am
The group is now able to work with DSA chapters across the country, including Philly DSA and YDSA chapters at other universities. 
05/11/22 12:42pm
Relive the Class of 2022's junior year at Penn, which featured two fully virtual semesters as well as celebrations following Joe Biden's the election as president.
04/25/22 11:15pm
In preparation for the upcoming election, The Daily Pennsylvanian has assembled a comprehensive ballot guide detailing how to vote, in person or by mail, and a brief run-down on all the candidates for students registered to vote on campus.
04/25/22 11:09pm
There are four Democrats and seven Republicans running in this year's primary election.
04/25/22 11:05pm
Democrat James Wright is challenging incumbent Democrat Rick Krajewski for his seat representing District 188 — which includes Penn — in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.
04/25/22 11:02pm
Josh Shapiro is the only candidate running for governor in the Democratic primary. For the Republican primary, there are nine candidates on the ballot. 
04/25/22 10:38pm
There are three Democrats and nine Republicans running for this position in the primary.
04/25/22 10:31pm
Penn is in Pennsylvania's 3rd Congressional District, which has been represented by incumbent Dwight Evans. He is running against Democrats Michael Cogbill and Alexandra Hunt this year.
04/25/22 9:45pm
Incumbent Democrat Anthony Williams is being challenged by fellow Democrat Paul Prescod for his seat representing District 8 in the State Senate.
04/07/22 12:27am
During the event, Bolton answered questions about topics ranging from the Russian-Ukrainian war to his relationship with former President Donald Trump. 
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