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11/17/21 10:19pm
About 60 students attended the hybrid event to listen to four Penn alumni share their personal experiences in consulting and the skills they believed aided them in their career successes. 
10/26/21 12:31am
One of the most commonly reported issues is professors who aren’t accommodating students who must miss in-person classes due to health reasons.
09/13/21 11:13pm
While there will still be optional virtual programming, Kite and Key and Penn Admissions said the return of in-person tours will help prospective students engage with the Penn community. 
08/24/21 11:41pm
Students will need to be masked and vaccinated in order to enter their dorms.
04/08/21 1:37am
Carlos Curbelo (R-Fla.) offered a critique of congressional Republicans and discussed his predictions for the future of the GOP.
03/25/21 11:05pm
The United States Senate confirmed Rachel Levine as the nation’s assistant secretary for health at the United States Department of Health and Human Services on Wednesday.
03/23/21 12:29am
As COVID-19 continues to restrict study abroad and internship options, students can participate in Penn Aboard's new Virtual Internships Abroad program, which provides them with work experiences at companies around the world. 
02/24/21 1:06am
The EMU has 12 beds where patients will be monitored by using recording equipment and monitor-advanced imaging. The unit will help treat patients whose epilepsy cannot be treated with drugs.
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