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04/27/11 11:23pm

Farewell Column by Pete Lodato | Worth a thousand words

In his farewell column, former Sports Photo Editor Pete Lodato writes about the unique perspective of Penn he's gotten from behind the lens.
05/29/08 5:00am
With temperatures on the rise, the public has begun to swarm local movie theaters - but for some, the onset of the summer movie season means the hard work has just started as filming crews get to work on next summer's blockbusters. This June, Penn is slated to become one of the filming locations for the highly anticipated DreamWorks feature film, "Transformers 2.
10/26/07 5:00am

When text messages become art

While most use text-messaging for practical purposes, one man is putting the medium to a newer and more creative use. Paul Notzold, a graduate of Parsons School of Design and Technology in New York, spoke about the potential of mobile media yesterday at a packed Kelly Writers House.
10/08/07 5:00am
If you are looking for an example of what a "full" life looks like, you'll find it with Martin Meyerson. Meyerson, Penn President from 1970 to 1981, succumbed to prostate cancer this past June at the age of 84. A memorial service was held in his honor last Friday inside the Harrison Auditorium of the University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.
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