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04/21/15 2:03am
Betraying its graceful appearance, rowing is a sport of force, finesse and teamwork. In the fastest of boats, the eights, the intricacies of the sport require a ninth man who steers—both literally and psychologically—the vehicle as it cruises forward.
04/20/15 10:53pm
In a piece in The New Republic, Bryce Covert anticipates that interim CEO of Reddit Ellen Pao’s judicially unsuccessful gender discrimination lawsuit — waged against her former employer Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers — may still constitute an opportunity to take a step forward in mitigating gender discrimination in the United States.
04/16/15 2:45am
It’s all hands on deck for Penn rowing this weekend.
04/09/15 3:03am
Being a part of Penn rowing means carrying on a long a rich history. And the current crews are about to contribute another chapter.
04/06/15 10:02pm
Even if some of the supernatural properties of religion do not stand the test of science, does this mean that we are right to reject religion without further ado? This is where Dawkins, and many of his peers, makes a mistake by assuming that scientific truth must necessarily guide all spheres of life.
04/06/15 12:51pm
After last weekend’s impressive showing at the San Diego Crew Classic, Penn heavyweight rowing had no time to kick back and relax.
03/31/15 12:14am

Penn women's rowing faces first choppy waters of season

Saturday proved to feature the first choppy waters of the season for Penn women’s rowing. The annual Connell Cup race saw Penn lose out to Yale and Columbia in the varsity eight race on the Schuylkill on Saturday. The race, originally scheduled to be held on Columbia’s training grounds in Overpeck Park in New Jersey, had to be moved to the Schuylkill due to excessive ice.
03/26/15 1:40am

Penn rowing returns to action this weekend

The spring has returned and so has the rowing season. This weekend, all three of the Penn crews are heading their separate ways for early meets critical for setting the tone for the season.
03/23/15 10:43pm
We are free to believe what we want, the reasoning goes, and since religion is a personal matter, it is not to be an object of criticism. This is true, but only partially.
03/02/15 10:22pm
The liberal arts system popular in the United States is different in the sense that it gives students the ability to explore, combine and connect subjects in a variety of ways, a freedom which has a value often overlooked.
02/26/15 1:40am
Joy filled the Palestra on Sunday as Penn dethroned Brown in the world of Ivy League gymnastics by picking up the annual Ivy Classic title.
02/16/15 10:08pm
Charles Darwin was hesitant, and rightly so. The implications of his crowning achievement, “On the Origin of Species,” would reach far and wide, setting off an upheaval in our conception of the natural world and our place within it.
02/15/15 10:55am
Despite snow, cold and at times patchy play, the Quakers overcame UMBC with a 10-8 win in the first game of the spring season on Saturday.
02/05/15 12:34am
With a history stretching back one and a half centuries, competitive rowing constitutes one of Penn’s oldest traditions.
02/03/15 1:25am
Some habits die hard. Few people understand this oft-quoted cliché better than Nikola Kocovic. The former Penn men’s tennis captain, who graduated from the College last year, is back with the program as an assistant coach for the 2014-15 season.
02/03/15 12:14am
As students, we are not only expected to succeed, but we are in a sense not even allowed to not succeed. Academically, professionally and socially we are surrounded by an overabundance of paths to reach “success.”
01/20/15 12:13am
After a less than stellar winter break, Penn wrestling needed some sort of success to right the ship before opening Ivy play.
01/19/15 10:29pm
On Aug. 9 last year, 18-year old Michael Brown was fatally shot in Ferguson, Missouri. Another unjustified police shooting, another abrupt end to a life and another black teenager dead.
12/08/14 1:27am
The Red and the Blue lost against No.11 Lehigh decisively on Saturday in Bethlehem, as the Mountain Hawks emerged with a definitive 31-6 victory at home.
11/09/14 10:22pm

Navy edges out Penn rowing

While the freshmen of Penn heavyweight rowing put up a commendable effort, the Rutgers Fall Classic was all about Navy, whose combined heavyweight and lightweight boats edged out the Red and Blue.
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03/03/15 11:06pm

Turn back the clock: Penn rowing's legendary 1955 crew

They were described as being the best in the world, even outright invincible.
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