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08/28/17 2:59pm
A spokesperson for the Philadelphia Police Department said the patient is in critical condition. PPD is continuing to investigate the incident. 
04/25/17 6:54pm
The University will continue crowdsourcing ideas for improving sustainability through the hashtag #sustainablecolumbia, said the University's Office of Communications. 
04/24/17 8:18pm
The Goldwater Scholarship is awarded each year to students around the country who intend to earn a doctorate and pursue a research career in math, engineering or the natural sciences.
04/19/17 2:52pm
“In the past, I’ve shown up with a lesson plan and there are very few people there — maybe a third of the class," physics professor Elliot Lipeles said. 
04/18/17 5:27pm
After initially defending a professor’s controversial tweets as free speech, documents show Drexel is now launching an investigation.
04/17/17 11:29pm
Many Wharton MBAs go into consulting and startups. First-year student Clyde Kelly is no different, except for the fact that he is also a successful rapper.
04/12/17 10:23pm
After two years in the accounting Ph.D. program, Paul is clearer about the benefits and detriments of going immediately into a Ph.D. program — as she did — versus starting out in the working world.
04/10/17 10:39pm
“I am continually amazed by the curiosity, the enthusiasm and the genuine desire for learning on the part of the Penn medical students,” professor of clinical medicine David Jaffe said. 
04/03/17 11:01pm
“The goal of the Center is to connect three different groups of stakeholders: the industry people, the students and the faculty,” Baker Retailing Center Director Barbara Kahn said.
03/28/17 3:33pm
The program will enable students to enter the workforce for two to four years knowing they will be able to return to Wharton to pursue an MBA.
03/21/17 8:18pm
Students had the task of crafting a strategy to spark interest in Japanese society back at Penn.
03/20/17 10:53pm
“It was very different from Management 100 where we spent hours upon hours outside of class with our teammates,” Warner said.
02/28/17 8:38pm
“We celebrate and honor the region we travel to for the forum, so we will have some region-centric topics,” Wharton Executive Director of Alumni Relations Lizann Rode said.
02/22/17 9:51pm
“In light of the immigration ban, I think this program holds even more significance,” ELP Student Center Coordinator and College senior Joanna Xue said. 
02/14/17 7:54pm
PPI provides opportunities for students to get involved in public policy through summer internships in D.C.. The initiative provides funding to students who receive an offer for unpaid internships in Washington.
02/06/17 9:15pm
“Most people, when they look at their Facebook news feeds, tend to be friends with like-minded people of similar backgrounds,” Alexander said. “When it comes to the articles that people choose to share, a lot of times they can be of a very similar mindset, and thus is the emergence of the echo chamber.”
01/31/17 8:37pm
The course begins with a musical context unit, focusing on artists such as Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday and Bob Dylan — musicians who have used their music to comment on social issues. 
01/31/17 4:20pm
In his statement, he cited a conference this March that many from these Muslim-majority countries will not be able to attend and said that Trump's ban will “stifle the intellectual discourse to which we aspire.”
01/25/17 9:43pm
The highly successful glasses company was founded by Wharton MBA classmates
01/22/17 8:08pm
Northwestern’s Faculty Senate passed a resolution last week encouraging professors to include information about mental and physical health in their syllabi. First reported by the Daily Northwestern, the statement recommends language such as, “If you find yourself struggling with your mental or physical health this quarter, please feel free to approach me. I try to be flexible and accommodating.”
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