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04/21/15 2:54am
Those who are quick to declare that “all lives matter” cannot deny the verity of the fact that our nation consistently dehumanizes our lives.
03/17/15 9:18pm
Unless you have been living under a rock or cabana during spring break, you have probably heard about the Sigma Alpha Epsilon scandal that unfolded last week.
11/19/14 2:15am
There are plenty of people walking around with fancy positions who haven’t accomplished much. And then there are those without any formal recognitions who will always be remembered for the impact that they have had.
09/10/14 1:33am
This ideology holds that if minorities would simply “respect themselves” by adopting the social and cultural standards of the dominant class, then and only then would they be privy to the full benefits and “respect” of all American society. This fallacy is not only wrong in that it puts the onus of racism on those stripped of power, but it is also elitist in its belief that pulled-up pants and collegiate degrees will somehow protect one from legalized suspicion and police violence.
09/02/14 5:41pm
We believe this volume of diverse voices will begin a much-needed conversation with the DP’s far-reaching audience around the country, and this column can be a space from which readers engage, incite deeper understanding of our communities, learn and perhaps, above all, will want to change the conditions of our nation.
02/10/14 2:44am

Guest Column by Nikki Hardison | Fighting the stigma within ourselves

When you live in a society that demands so much of your existence, life does not stop when you feel sad. For many of our families, especially without the information or resources, mental health is often misunderstood and something we’re forced to suck up.
12/07/12 6:51am

Nikki Hardison | Not just one type of affirmative action

Believe it or not, your mother is a beneficiary of affirmative action.
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