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10/30/08 5:00am

Putting liberal arts in a business education

By NANDANIE KHILALL Staff Writer PSYC 001. ENGL 100. SPAN 120. You might want to think twice before pegging courses like these as part of a liberal arts student's course schedule. According to The Wall Street Journal, undergraduate business students are increasingly taking courses like these to help add a new dimension to the skills learned in their business classes.
10/29/08 5:00am
Even CEOs have to silence their BlackBerrys sometimes. In the Advanced Management Program, part of Wharton's Executive Education department, high-level executives and government officials leave their busy lives at work and return to taking notes in the classroom.
10/27/08 5:00am

U.S. jobs lose appeal for intl. students

Many international students may be looking to return home after graduating from Penn in the next few years. Between the economic downturn and the limited availability of H-1B visas - which allow international students to work in the U.S. after graduation - U.
10/08/08 5:00am

U. considers options for recording lectures

Slept through a 9 a.m. lecture? Penn tech gurus want to help you catch up. Exactly a year after the inception of iTunesU as a resource for the Penn community, administrators are looking for the best way to put classroom content online. One option is iTunesU, an online digital media database located in the iTunes Store that allows department administrators and Information Technology workers to upload audio and video files to the system.
10/07/08 5:00am
If you're up late studying this week and want that late-night dose of caffeine, you'll have to look somewhere other than Penn Dining Services. The stores underneath 1920 Commons - which include Starbucks, Subway, Top That!, Jamba Juice and the C3 convenience store - have changed their operating hours They now close at 9:30 p.
10/02/08 5:00am

New site gives donors more control in giving

Five Wharton students are proving that not even a failing financial market can curb the desire to donate., a new nonprofit Web site developed by a group of 2008 Wharton alumni, gives users a more participatory role in making donations to improve worldwide education.
10/01/08 5:00am

News Brief: Wharton appoints first Ades chairman

Wharton named Marketing professor Z. John Zhang the first chairman of the Murrel J. Ades Professorship last week. Zhang, a Marketing professor who specializes in pricing, retail management and competitive strategies, has been a professor at Wharton since 2002.
09/30/08 5:00am

In Wall St. chaos, Wharton reaches out to alums

Amid the chaos and turmoil on Wall Street, business schools across the country, including Wharton, are doing all they can to reach out to their alumni and offer a helping hand. As major financial firms have collapsed over the past two weeks, Career Services sent e-mails to alumni letting them know of services available to them, Career Services counselors said.
09/24/08 5:00am

Intl. expansion takes center stage at Wharton

With the recent appointment of Harbir Singh to the newly created position of Vice Dean for Global Initiatives, Wharton is moving toward the internationally focused school that Dean Thomas Robertson outlined last fall. This new appointment comes at a time when Wharton has been adding a more international perspective to its programs and needed someone to take the lead, officials said.
09/24/08 5:00am

Mastering quirky questions may help you get the job

Tell me a joke. Or a funny story. Actually, what's your favorite food truck on campus? These questions may not seem out of the ordinary to the average person, but when they appear in the middle of an On-Campus Recruiting interview this week, students may be thrown for a loop.
09/19/08 5:00am
This week's chaos and upheaval on Wall Street has hit home for many Penn students, who are feeling the backlash in an increasingly competitive and unstable job search. On-campus recruiting, Penn's main job hunting mechanism, is bearing the brunt of the financial industry's woes, according to Career Services counselors.
09/15/08 5:00am

GMAT scores for three Wharton students cancelled due to cheating

On Friday, Wharton officials released a statement revealing that three current and past students' scores for the Graduate Management Admissions Test were cancelled last week because of cheating. "We are in the process of investigating the matter and, after we have completed our review of the facts, appropriate action will be taken in accordance with our policies," said Anjani Jain, vice dean of Wharton Graduate Division.
09/10/08 5:00am

International freshmen see new mentoring program

This year, Penn's freshman cohort of international students had one more way to ease their transition to life at Penn. The International Mentoring Program, which was organized by the International Student Council at the end of last semester, paired new international students with current Penn upperclassmen from their home countries this fall.
08/28/08 5:00am

Summer internships stretch well beyond i-banking in New York

Penn's pre-professional environment can be extremely competitive, but when students return to campus in September, summer internships become a memory. According to an annual Career Services survey of the senior class' summers, over two-thirds of students entering their final year at Penn had internships.
07/17/08 5:00am

Drexel student pleads guilty to ID theft

On Monday, 22-year-old Jocelyn Kirsch, a former Drexel University student, pleaded guilty to six counts of criminal activity - all of which were committed with collaboration from '05 Penn alumnus Edward Anderton. Anderton also pleaded guilty last month to the same six counts, which include money laundering and identity theft.
05/02/08 5:00am

Students, admins criticize University survey

On Wednesday, minority student groups reached a significant milestone in their push for a comprehensive campus climate assessment with the release of much-anticipated 2006 survey data. The results, however, weren't entirely satisfying to student leaders. Associate Provost Andrew Binns presented the data at the last University Council meeting of this academic year.
04/25/08 5:00am

From the news to the classroom

Penn boasts a high percentage of international students in the Ivy League, but that hasn't quenched domestic students' thirst for exposure to the rest of the world. Interest in languages like Arabic and East Asian dialects has increased over the past several years, largely because of the way the international landscape is changing, said College Dean Dennis DeTurck.
04/24/08 5:00am
The styrofoam hats and wooden canes are back - but not on the usual Friday afternoon. Next Tuesday, the class of 2009 will officially make its passage into seniordom as part of the 93-year-old tradition of Hey Day. Hey Day is traditionally held on the last day of classes, a Friday.
04/22/08 5:00am

U. to make 'campus climate' data public

Next week will mark an important milestone in minority student groups' continued push toward a comprehensive assessment of campus climate at Penn. Campus climate - which refers to individuals' levels of comfort at Penn in terms of their gender and gender identity, race, sexual orientation, religion and ethnicity - has been an important issue for minority student groups for at least the past 10 years.
04/18/08 5:00am

Science, technology students benefit from new visa rules

For some international students, post-graduation visas are now more attainable than ever before. On April 4, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced a new rule that allows qualified international students pursuing a degree in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics to apply for an extension of the time they are allowed to work in the U.
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