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02/01/22 10:25pm
The case was originally brought against Harvard University in 2014 by conservative activist group Students for Fair Admissions on the basis that Harvard and the University of North Carolina discriminate against white and Asian American applicants.
09/21/21 1:13am
Students' only complaints included the building's location on the far side of campus at 40th and Locust streets, as well as the crowded nature of certain amenities and building elevators.  
09/01/21 12:27am
Clubs have the option to recruit new members in person, virtually, or both from Aug. 31 to Sept. 2.
04/28/21 5:02am
Students who observe Ramadan are rediscovering elements of community as COVID-19 distancing restrictions continue to lift
04/18/21 9:09pm
The prestigious one million dollar award recognizes profound innovation and achievements in the medical sciences.
03/02/21 11:27pm
Penn Medicine and the University of Pennsylvania ranked No. 90 and No. 92, respectively. 
02/19/21 12:37am
The Dr. Sadie T.M. Alexander Scholarships, which were established in February, will be awarded to Law School applicants beginning with students admitted to the JD program for fall 2021.
02/05/21 12:04am
Of the 83 women in the study that had detectable amounts of antibodies, 87% of their newborns had also developed antibodies.
01/21/21 11:41pm
Philadelphia's official registration site will allow people to sign up to be notified when they become eligible for the vaccine.
12/07/20 11:53pm
Kaufman’s research played a major role in the development of a treatment for hereditary cancer caused by BRCA. The treatment uses PARP inhibitors, which prevent the body from repairing cancerous cells damaged by chemotherapy.
11/23/20 9:43pm
The study relied on a satisfaction survey of renters which included questions about dating and outdoor recreation, and the number of single people in the area.
10/11/20 10:26pm
The debate was canceled on Oct. 19 after President Donald Trump, who had recently tested positive for COVID-19, refused to participate in a virtual debate
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