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12/01/14 3:02pm
“Hands up, don’t shoot,” the protesters shouted as they marched onto College Green.
11/18/14 3:19am

Penn Employee Appreciation Week celebrates hardworking staff

Wharton juniors Hari Joy and Shreya Zaveri, along with the rest of their Management 104 group, organized the Penn Employee Appreciation Week to encourage Penn students to show their appreciation for Penn security guards, dining facility workers and other employees.
10/28/14 2:02am

Students to carry mattresses in protest of sexual assault

On Wednesday, October 29, Penn will participate in the national “Carrying the Weight Together” National Day of Action. Students across the country will carry mattresses and pillows in protest of sexual assault.
09/16/14 1:41am

Starting with research, ENGAGE is taking a new approach to Philadelphia's social issues

ENGAGE is a student-run think-and-action tank that incorporates research, grassroots involvement and community-level communication in the hopes of developing solutions to pertinent social issues in Philadelphia.
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