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09/12/18 9:11pm
The Democrat is running against fellow Penn graduate Frank Farry.
12/09/16 8:49pm
After since Facebook bought Oculus, a virtual reality gaming start-up, for two billion dollars back in 2014, virtual reality has dominated news cycles and tech speculation
12/09/16 4:49pm
For the first time in Penn's history, half of students admitted to the School for Engineering and Applied Sciences in the Early Decision round are female.
11/21/16 10:24pm
Students who complete the ten weeks of modules will learn how to research, apply to and make the transition to colleges.
11/15/16 2:26am
It is one of the few dual-school courses between the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. 
11/07/16 11:00pm
This year, Penn received 5,999 applications in the Early Decision round.
11/07/16 10:58pm
Penn is encouraging other universities to pilot a team admissions strategy that Penn implemented four years ago. 
11/03/16 8:57pm
Some Republicans are opting to vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, a third party candidate or abstain from the election.
11/03/16 2:57am
At least two of the students reported struggling to afford food. 
10/27/16 8:29pm
If the name of one of the Pennovation Center’s designers sounds familiar, it’s probably because his cousin has been cropping up in the news during this election cycle.
10/03/16 1:42am
A college admissions counselor estimated, however, that 30 to 40 percent of colleges do use social media to judge its applicants.
10/02/16 10:33pm
Penn “encourages applicants from a growing number of homeschool students”. Although homeschool has been a growing trend for the last decade, Dean of Admissions Eric Furda estimated that Penn receives only about 20 applications per year from homeschooled students. He stressed that the figure was not exact.
09/28/16 1:55am
A comprehensive list of pros and cons for staying on-campus and off-campus. 
09/27/16 2:20am
The change, which was enacted over the summer, restricted students from applying Early Action to private schools while simultaneously applying Early Decision to Penn.
09/26/16 12:58am
Penn's rankings fluctuate from year to year and across publications.
09/16/16 9:34pm
The most popular major of Penn presidents is English.
09/12/16 12:14am
PennApps — the weekend-long hackathon at Penn that happens twice a year — drew to a close in Irvine Auditorium on Sunday.
09/07/16 11:16pm
Some students at Penn choose to major in other disciplines while still pursuing pre-med as an option. Although less common, these paths do not preclude admission to medical school as long as students fill the requirements outside of their major. In fact, on Penn’s Career Services website, it says, “medical schools do not require or even prefer a particular major.”
09/07/16 1:26am
The new policy aims to ensure that early applicants are as committed to Penn as possible.
08/31/16 12:46am
Penn reversed its position on Score Choice, which obliged students to include all of their recorded standardized test scores on their application.
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