Articles by Mia Vesely

02/23/24 6:00am
Columnist Mia Vesely highlights Black clubs at Penn during this month and beyond.
01/22/24 11:09pm
Columnist Mia Vesely discusses her experience in the rush process at Penn and why it wasn’t for her.
12/10/23 6:37pm
Columnist Mia Vesely questions the resignation of President Magill and what it means for free speech on campus. 
11/16/23 4:07pm
Columnist Mia Vesely argues that the purpose of a University isn’t to cater to the wishes of their alumni. 
10/24/23 12:54pm
Columnist Mia Vesely urges people to focus less on sensationalized looting and more on political action and its impact.
09/13/23 7:20pm
Columnist Mia Vesely calls for reformed FGLI resources after Penn administration abruptly suspends a popular textbook access initiative for students. 
04/25/23 10:10pm
Columnist Mia Vesely questions the practice of legacy preference and the future of Penn admissions.
02/24/23 12:55pm
Columnist Mia Vesely argues that Black history is crucial for everyone to connect with regardless of race.  
01/29/23 6:54pm
Columnist Mia Vesely confronts whether setting New Year's resolutions limits us from setting goals during the year. 
11/29/22 2:19pm
Columnist Mia Vesely discusses whether solely looking towards the future of Penn does a disservice to the present.
09/28/22 8:36am
Columnist Mia Vesely examines why the class of 2026 is considered the most 'diverse' and what that claim really means.
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