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03/15/19 4:16am
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine professor Gerard Schellenberg led the research team, which analyzed data from more than 94,000 people. 
02/27/19 12:50am
La Salle administrators say they hope the move will improve mental health and increase appeal for prospective students.
02/19/19 4:11am
The researchers used more than 50,000 reviews from 1,566 hospitals across the country to identify common communication issues within healthcare.
10/30/18 3:13am
Research from consulting firm McKinsey found that physical jobs, such as operating machinery or preparing fast food, could be at risk because of advanced automation.
10/12/18 2:29am
The Wharton finance professor was nominated by Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon at a joint press conference earlier this week.
09/29/18 7:48pm
Yale has revoked its six-year rule that off-campus parties of more than 50 people be registered and that there be a designated 'host' to take legal responsibility for the event. 
09/28/18 3:10am
In the past two weeks, three women have brought allegations of sexual assault and impropriety against Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh. 
09/23/18 5:01pm
The University dropped two ranks from last year, now placing behind Princeton University.
09/04/18 1:05am
Earlier this year, TIME Magazine named Professor Carl June as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.  
04/10/18 2:17am
Medical School professor David Asch, the study’s principal investigator, said the researchers sought to examine whether limiting the hours in a shift would lead to less fatigue and fewer errors made by trainees.
03/21/18 11:18pm
Digital Third Coast's best late-night food ranking looked at the 20 cities being considered by Amazon to host its second headquarters.
03/19/18 2:39am
The center, which was created in 2015, uses a family-based approach to heart care, whereas most similar centers focus on individual patient treatment.
03/15/18 8:09pm
Lehigh's Title IX Coordinator investigated the incident and the proposed charges. They were then found responsible for hazing and failure to report any violations. 
03/13/18 5:55pm
The email asked recipients to submit their 'ideas and suggestions' on how to improve Penn's policies around sexual harassment by Apr. 6, adding that comments would be kept confidential.  
02/03/18 1:38am
A 2015 report indicated that the sexual assault rate for women at Penn is 27 percent and 5 percent for male undergraduates.
01/25/18 5:38am
Shearmur, who was 54 years old, died at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angela, Calif., after battling lung cancer, the New York Daily News reported. 
01/25/18 3:46am
This panel of city officials is tasked with nominating 27 candidates to serve in nine positions on the new board, which ultimately will influence the education of around 200,000 students.
12/10/17 11:42pm
More than 180 residents have signed a contract with Solarize Philly to install solar panels on their houses. 
12/05/17 2:23am
Princeton graduate student Yeohee Im said Engineering Professor Sergio Verdu invited her over to watch a movie, during which he reached under her shirt to touch her stomach and thigh.
11/17/17 3:51am
University City was founded in 1997 as the result of a partnership between major institutions in the area, including Penn, Drexel, University of the Sciences, who wanted to make the area more attractive to developers and businesses. 
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