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12/16/21 7:31pm
Penn released its early admissions decisions for the Class of 2026 on Dec. 16 at 7 p.m.
09/15/21 10:22pm
In the current admissions cycle, Penn will require only one teacher recommendation instead of two. The other letter of recommendation can come from anyone who can comment on the student's character.
04/06/21 7:17pm
This year marked Penn's largest application pool in history, with 56,333 — a 34% increase from last year. Penn offered admission to 3,202 of these applicants
02/03/21 12:05am
The large applicant pool, likely influenced by test-optional policies enacted in the wake of COVID-19, is set to result in Penn's lowest-ever acceptance rate, according to Penn Admissions. 
12/16/20 8:23pm
The early decision acceptance rate for the Class of 2025 marks a 4.7 percentage point decrease from last year. This year, 7,962 students applied through the University's early decision program, a 23% increase from last year's 6,453 applicants.
10/19/20 11:31pm
While most colleges assure students that they will not be at a disadvantage if they do not submit test scores, some college counseling specialists question the assertion.
10/04/20 11:10pm
The admissions office decided back in March that their fall programming – like tours and information sessions, as well as traveling to speak at high schools – would be virtual, five months before the University went fully online.
09/08/20 11:44pm
Some students who submitted aid re-evaluation forms did not receive their re-evaluated package before the fall tuition bill's Aug. 30 deadline, and consequently could not pay for the semester on time.
09/02/20 12:13am
Penn currently reports at least 42 active coronavirus cases in the community, but many students fear potential virus clusters in the next fews weeks and are taking to social media to share their concerns and call out partygoers.
08/20/20 8:19pm
After switching to a completely remote semester, Penn President Amy Gutmann and Provost Wendell Pritchett froze tuition – keeping it at the same value as the previous year – and decreased the fall general fee by 10%.
01/29/20 12:02am
The program, known as Financial Wellness at Penn, is part of the University's larger wellness initiatives and will feature a series of monthly events, including in-person workshops and online modules, focused on preparing students to make better financial decisions after Penn. 
01/26/20 10:42pm
Penn received 42,191 applications for the Class of 2024, nearly 3,000 less than last year's applicant pool, breaking nearly a decade of steady growth. 
12/05/19 9:56pm
The Tutoring Center, which was previously an independent entity, became part of Weingarten last summer, joining the Office of Learning Resources and Student Disabilities Services. 
12/04/19 12:44am
Former executives at health care technology company Outcome Health falsely inflated data and billed clients for advertisements on more screens than installed, according to the indictment unsealed Monday.
11/08/19 1:26am
The board also proposed a potential joint master’s degree program that would involve collaboration from the Graduate School of Education, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, and the Weitzman School of Design.
10/30/19 9:59pm
Managed by Penn Labs, Penn Course Plan compiles the information from Penn Course Review and Penn InTouch all on one webpage.  
10/20/19 8:52pm
The study found that white participants were less likely to blame all Muslims for terrorist attacks after reading about terror committed by white Europeans.
10/04/19 10:45am
The event was the first Center for Neuroscience & Society Public Talk of the 2019-2020 academic year. 
09/22/19 10:28pm
The study was the first to compare motor vehicle accidents to working memory by following a group of participants over a long period of time.
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