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09/09/21 1:05am
Travel to seven countries resumed after Penn suspended study abroad programs in spring 2020 due to global travel restrictions and health risks. 
05/26/21 10:59pm
Rosa Sun completed the project for FNAR 489: Senior Seminar Project (Spring), a required course for fine arts and design students.
02/17/21 1:21am
In his book, titled "Love, God," Gabriel Angrand discusses the importance of humility to combating social issues.
02/23/20 10:39pm
Cyntoia Brown-Long and other formerly incarcerated individuals and criminal justice advocates discussed criminal justice reform at Saturday's inaugural BARS conference. 
02/20/20 9:32pm
In this weeks crime log, thefts from Wawa and CVS, a fire incident on Locust, and two assaults. 
01/29/20 9:16pm
This week's crime log includes an indecent assault at Cira Center Parking Garage and thefts from two Wawa stores near campus. 
12/08/19 9:58pm
Of the 32 candidates who have announced a presidential bid for 2020, including those who have dropped out, Trump is the only one to have attended Penn.
11/27/19 11:01am
Scanlon, who now serves as vice chair of the House Judiciary Committee and who graduated from Penn Law School in 1984, argued that Trump has committed impeachable conduct. 
11/11/19 10:02pm
The research, which aims to improve treatments for chronic pain in an effort to alleviate the rates of OUD, comes amid the pressing opioid crisis.
11/03/19 8:36pm
The event was hosted by Penncasila, Penn's Indonesian student association, and featured guest speakers and panels on the theme of "Indonesia on the Global Stage."  
10/01/19 10:02pm
Nguyen was previously recognized for his efforts in 2017 by being named a Top 25 Environmentalist Under 25, and in 2018, a Top 30 Under 30 Sustainability Leader.
08/28/19 8:49pm
For the first time this summer, Knowledge@Wharton High School offered a two-week Global Young Leaders Academy (GYLA) focused specifically on finance and investment. 
04/07/19 10:49pm
Attendees heard a presentation from Black Lunch Table, an organization that encourages dialogue on topics that affect artists of color. 
03/13/19 7:48pm
For the past three years, Harvard Business School has held or shared the number one spot in the ranking. 
02/28/19 1:40am
Nitzan was invited to speak at the event, entitled "Israel in the Global Order," to discuss Israel’s role in international affairs and clarify common misconceptions about the country. 
02/25/19 5:51pm
Among the top three cities, Philadelphia had the smallest pay gap for women in technology, with women earning 97 percent of what men do.
02/07/19 11:01pm
Running club founder Kyle Cassidy told the Inquirer that it took the group only 30 seconds to catch up to the suspect.
01/27/19 9:36pm
College sophomore and vice president of PDS Anish Welde was ranked the 31st speaker in the world, and two out of three Penn teams advanced to the octafinals.
11/16/18 12:14am
Wesley Chan of Wong Fu Productions said while Asian Americans sometimes do pursue "comfortable" stereotypical paths, the problem lies with media representation, which often perpetuate stereotypes. 
11/09/18 4:12pm
Legend mediated a panel discussing both the benefits and drawbacks of the Opportunity Zone tax incentive, a bill passed by Congress in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.
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