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11/05/10 4:21am

Prof's book challenges ideas about brain chemistry

More than 80 people came to the Penn Bookstore to hear Penn professor Richard Doty discuss his new book, The Great Pheromone Myth, which aggressively challenges the prevailing ideas about the role chemicals play in human behavior and aims to undermine the status quo.
04/05/10 3:12am
For the fourth annual Marathon Reading, Penn students and West Philadelphia community members gathered to read The Great Gatsby aloud, from beginning to end.
03/04/10 4:43am
Judith Butler’s intellectual activities span many disciplines, including feminism, queer theory, political philosophy and ethics. The extent of her audience attested to the diversity of her work and the celebrity status she holds among scholars within and beyond her field.
02/17/10 5:42am
The Philomathean Society and Department of History hosted the first public screening of the debate between philosophers Michel Foucault and Noam Chomsky since 1971.
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