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03/30/20 10:42pm
The funds will go to affected workers as well as the PHL COVID-19 Fund, which is helping local nonprofits stay afloat during the pandemic. 
03/25/20 11:34pm
Penn's first week of online classes was not without technological issues. But many students praised professors for their dedication and compassion amidst COVID-19.
03/22/20 10:12pm
Without student clientele and with coronavirus commerce restrictions in full swing, small businesses around Penn are struggling to make ends meet.
03/20/20 1:04am
The sites allow patients to stay in their cars as healthcare professionals in protective gear approach them individually to complete a nasal swab. 
03/17/20 6:13pm
After Penn originally announced Monday it would hold a virtual Commencement in May in lieu of a traditional ceremony, some seniors launched a viral petition to persuade the university to change its decision.
03/01/20 10:51pm
Johnson and his wife Dawn Chavous, both Penn alumni, have been accused of participating in a complex bribery scheme that allowed them to profit off of various land deals that Johnson oversaw.
02/26/20 10:42pm
The average price of a home in University City has skyrocketed in recent years, increasing from $78,500 in 1995 to $500,000 in 2018. This has caused the displacement of many former residents, with the area’s Black population declining by more than half, according to WHYY. 
02/23/20 9:44pm
Located on 45th and Walnut streets, new independent bookstore Making Worlds aims to share the stories and ideas of marginalized groups, as well as foster a space for community bonding.
02/17/20 10:44pm
The proposal, written by 2006 College of Liberal and Professional Studies graduate and Pa. State Rep. Christopher Rabb, would provide each exoneree $65,000 for every year they were wrongfully incarcerated.
02/09/20 9:05pm
The store was part of Lululemon’s national effort to establish pop-ups on college campuses in order to target students and promote wellness through free events
02/04/20 1:15am
Six Philadelphia public schools and an early learning center have closed since September due to hazardous asbestos damage, and numerous Penn students who attended these schools are worried about their health. 
01/26/20 11:28pm
The protest was part of an anti-war movement sparked by the Jan. 3 assassination of Qasem Soleimani, the leader of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.
01/20/20 10:35pm
Penn Vet offered free pet vaccinations and low-cost microchips to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday.
01/14/20 9:26pm
The report found Philadelphia to have the third-highest STD rate in the country, only behind Baltimore and Jackson, Miss.
12/11/19 12:34am
The donation, made by 1992 College graduate Mindy Gray and 1992 College and Wharton graduate Jon Gray, will fund annual tuition and summer grants for 10 highly aided students from New York City.
12/03/19 11:30pm
At a Penn Democrats event, Krasner criticized Biden's past record and his ability to unify the party in 2020.
12/01/19 10:31pm
PennHealthX is a student-led organization that integrates business and medicine for students who are interested in healthcare management and entrepreneurship. 
11/27/19 12:58am
While Bernie Sanders supporters at Penn said they would enthusiastically support Uygur's candidacy, more moderate Democrats expressed doubts due to Uygur's history of controversial statements.
11/17/19 9:04pm
The groups showed the film “The Honest Struggle,” which follows the life of Sadiq Davis when he was released from prison in 2013 after spending over 25 years behind bars.  
11/11/19 10:03pm
This recent breakthrough, spearheaded by Penn Med professor Hansell Stedman and his team, utilized a harmless virus to transfer genetic instructions to cells in the animal test subjects.
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