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12/03/19 11:30pm
At a Penn Democrats event, Krasner criticized Biden's past record and his ability to unify the party in 2020.
12/01/19 10:31pm
PennHealthX is a student-led organization that integrates business and medicine for students who are interested in healthcare management and entrepreneurship. 
11/27/19 12:58am
While Bernie Sanders supporters at Penn said they would enthusiastically support Uygur's candidacy, more moderate Democrats expressed doubts due to Uygur's history of controversial statements.
11/17/19 9:04pm
The groups showed the film “The Honest Struggle,” which follows the life of Sadiq Davis when he was released from prison in 2013 after spending over 25 years behind bars.  
11/11/19 10:03pm
This recent breakthrough, spearheaded by Penn Med professor Hansell Stedman and his team, utilized a harmless virus to transfer genetic instructions to cells in the animal test subjects.
11/02/19 8:57pm
The program was inspired by the United Nations’ declaration of 2019 as the International Year of Indigenous Languages.  
10/04/19 6:01pm
During the talk, Brown discussed the work done by the Penn & Slavery Project to reveal Penn’s historical connections to slavery. 
09/25/19 9:38am
The trend is surprising because innovations in the field have made eye surgeries less painful and invasive across the board.
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