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11/21/16 2:23am
Singer, actress and newly-published author Anna Kendrick took center stage Friday night alongside psychology professor Angela Duckworth.
11/10/16 2:52am
Groups and cultural organizations across campus held events to bring students and faculty together for discussion.
10/19/16 1:50am
TableTalk is a campus organization that serves as a forum for students of diverse knowledge regarding a subject to come together and continue an ongoing conversation on a hot-button topic.
10/01/16 6:12pm
The primatologist took the audience back seventy-eight years ago to when she was a little girl with an insatiable desire to learn about and question the natural world.
09/29/16 12:05am
Former American History professor and previous Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Richard Beeman died at the age of 74 on Monday, Sept.
09/22/16 5:06pm
Yesterday, Temple University broke the Guinness World Record for the most peanut butter and jelly sandwiches made in an hour.
04/18/16 2:03am
Many students who found themselves within the walls of Penn’s largest library this weekend were tied down because of schoolwork.
04/12/16 7:02pm

Pro-Trump wall writing causes a re-write in Ohio University’s Greek Week schedule

Ohio University canceled various Greek Week events after students wrote Pro-Trump campaign messages on a graffiti wall.
03/30/16 2:18am
Whether you love to cook, live to eat, or loath 1920 Commons’ herb-marinated chicken dinners, LocalStove will cater to the culinary interests of the Penn community.
03/22/16 9:10pm
The University of Dayton’s library just got back a book that was 49 years overdue.
03/02/16 1:15am
Alternate Spring Break participants plan to break out of the Penn bubble and step into a different United States community for a week filled with service and reflection.
02/23/16 10:02pm

Yale University reforms reinstatement policy

Yale University has reevaluated how the school responds to student leaves of absence in light of student Luchang Wang’s suicide last year.
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