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10/28/15 3:35am
On Tuesday, 1978 College graduate Everett Gillison, Chief of Staff in the Mayor’s Office and former Deputy Mayor of Public Safety Office, spoke to students about community, crime and public safety. 
10/14/15 12:22am
When it comes to housing, it's important to keep up with the complicated timeline of important dates.
09/15/15 11:08pm
Leaders of both Greek,and Minority organizations come together to form the Greek Community Judicial Board aimed at holding greek organizations accountable for _______.
09/02/15 1:19am
After only a few weeks at Penn, some minority freshmen already feel out of place.
04/13/15 2:55pm
The protest was sparked by the announcement that the Africa Center will close and the African Studies department will merge with the Center for Africana Studies.
03/26/15 1:08am
By Wednesday, SPEC recognized that some students were using "bots" to sign up for the Floor passes as soon as the forms opened. 
03/17/15 2:10am
The video of University of Oklahoma Sigma Alpha Epsilon members chanting racial slurs, which surfaced last week, sparked Philadelphia residents to hold a rally in Love Park Monday afternoon.
01/31/15 9:39am

SLAP hosts photo campaign to encourage Penn to pay PILOTs

Messages included phrases like “do it for the kids” and “It’s in Penn’s Capacity."
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