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12/11/07 5:00am
College freshman Michael Tomback ran outside as soon as he saw it. He spun in circles. He took photos. It was finally snowing. For Tomback and many other freshmen from warm climates, last week's snowfall was not only the first of the season - but the first of their lives.
12/04/07 5:00am

After hacking incident, server security boosted

Although the University improved computer security after a Penn student allegedly caused a server crash in February 2006, a similar type of attack could still cause problems for even the largest Web servers.
11/30/07 5:00am

Junior indicted in hacking scheme

The Federal Bureau of Investigation announced the indictment of Engineering junior Ryan Goldstein yesterday for his alleged involvement in a global computer-hacking conspiracy. Goldstein was arrested Nov. 1 and charged with computer-fraud conspiracy, to which he pled not guilty.
11/29/07 5:00am

Engineering junior indicted on federal computer hacking charges

Engineering junior Ryan Goldstein was indicted for his alleged involvement in a computer-hacking conspiracy that spans the globe, the FBI announced today. Goldstein was arrested Nov. 1 and charged with computer-fraud conspiracy, but was released on a $10,000 bond.
11/28/07 5:00am
Some think he is a missing person or the victim of a violent crime. Others suggest he's an American Apparel model or an undergrad running for student government. But the anonymous male whose photo currently hangs above Fisher-Bennett Hall is actually a Penn student who has become the latest subject of conceptual artist Braco Dimitrijevic's "Casual Passer-By" series.
11/28/07 5:00am

Man exposes self to student in front of Sigma Delta Tau house

A man exposed himself to a Penn student walking home from class Monday evening - the second such incident in the past two weeks.
11/20/07 5:00am

On campus, companies look to students to hawk latest goods

College sophomore Jenna Schwartz is usually well-stocked with Red Bull when she enters the library during midterms. But she's not always trying to stay up all night writing a paper - the energy drinks are for her peers. Promoting the drink is her job as a paid campus representative for Red Bull.
11/15/07 5:00am

Student Murder Trial | Juror: State should retry Malinovskaya

The jury's unprecedented 11-day deliberations in the murder trial of Irina Malinovskaya ended with the majority angry that they could not reach a unanimous guilty verdict, one juror said in an interview this week.
11/12/07 5:00am

Student Murder Trial | With prosecution 'making progress,' fourth trial possible

Despite three hung juries in the murder trial of Wharton student Irina Malinovskaya, experts say a fourth trial is still a distinct possibility. Lead prosecutor Paul Wallace declined to comment on the possibility of a fourth trial, but experts say the state could take the rare step of retrying Malinovskaya for a third time.
11/08/07 5:00am

Swollen feet and a wanted apology

Yusef Anthony thought participating in a Penn-conducted study on Johnson & Johnson bubble bath would be a safe way to earn easy money. And so during his first week as an inmate in Philadelphia's Holmesburg Prison, Anthony was led into a cellblock-turned-laboratory.
11/05/07 5:00am

News Brief: Deliberations drag past a week in trial

WILMINGTON, Del. - Jurors still have yet to decide the fate of accused murderer Irina Malinovskaya more than a week after closing arguments. Malinovskaya allegedly bludgeoned to death Irina Zlotnikov, the girlfriend of her ex-lover Robert Bondar, in Dec. 2004.
11/01/07 5:00am
The dance floor at Smokey Joe's is packed on a recent Saturday night when the song comes on. "YOOOOOOUUUUU!" As soon as the crowd recognizes it, hoots and squeals rise throughout the bar. "Ayy, I got this new dance fo y'all called the Soulja Boy. You gotta punch den crank back three times from left to right."
11/01/07 5:00am

Student Murder Trial: 'Conscientious' jury still deliberating

WILMINGTON, DEL. - The third jury to decide the fate of accused murderer Irina Malinovskaya has now deliberated longer than both past juries, neither of which was able to reach a verdict. Malinovskaya allegedly bludgeoned to death her ex-lover's girlfriend in December 2004.
10/30/07 5:00am

Student Murder Trial: Mistrial a possibility as jury deliberates

WILMINGTON, DEL. - After three days of deliberations, jurors once again failed to deliver a verdict for accused murderer Irina Malinovskaya, leaving open the possibility of a third mistrial. Malinovskaya, a Wharton student from Russia, is being tried for bludgeoning to death her ex-lover's girlfriend in December 2004.
10/22/07 5:00am

Student Murder Trial: Student breaks down on stand

WILMINGTON, DEL. - Accused murderer Irina Malinovskaya once again broke down in tears Friday as prosecutors attacked her for lying about her whereabouts in the days preceding the murder of her ex-lover's girlfriend. The Wharton undergraduate allegedly bludgeoned to death Temple graduate student Irina Zlotnikov in Zlotnikov's boyfriend Robert Bondar's Delaware apartment in Dec.
10/19/07 5:00am

Campaign near, but students unaware

As alumni and administrators gear up for one of the most ambitious fundraising campaigns to date, many students aren't exactly sure what the weekend's festivities are all about.
10/11/07 5:00am
For five years, several gold teeth lay in a Penn vault. A lock of Napoleon III's hair remains in a University safe-deposit box. And a mink coat, a pipe organ and a gas station in New York have all passed through the school's possession.
10/02/07 5:00am

Defense grills Bondar, picks holes in testimony

A self-interested liar unmoved by his girlfriend's death and inconsistent in his testimony is the portrait defense lawyers attempted to paint yesterday of Robert Bondar, the ex-lover of accused murderer Irina Malinovskaya. Bondar's then-girlfriend Irina Zlotnikov was allegedly bludgeoned to death by Malinovskaya in his Delaware apartment in Dec.
09/25/07 5:00am

Student Murder Trial: Malinovskaya may have falsified e-mail

Accused murderer Irina Malinovskaya allegedly falsified an e-mail from her ex-lover Robert Bondar, according to evidence presented for the first time yesterday. The document - for which she has been charged with attempted tampering with physical evidence - is the first major change in a case that has ended twice with hung juries.
09/19/07 5:00am
Engineering freshman Conor Walsh unzips his pants on Locust Walk, and everyone looks. In fact, they stare. A small audience has gathered at 2:15 on a recent Sunday morning as Walsh, returning from a night of drinking at off-campus parties, urinates all over the statue of Penn's beloved founder.
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