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05/02/11 7:09am

Say Anything | Ding, dong, the witch is dead

Maybe some day we'll tell our kids what terrorism was, not what it is.
04/27/11 11:38pm

Farewell Column by Jessica Goldstein | It’s always sunny in Philadelphia

Former columnist Jessica Goldstein writes a farewell column reminiscing about her first tour of Penn and how she immediately liked the school.
04/13/11 4:55am

Say Anything | Ain’t nothin’ but a Fling thang

Dearest fellow Quakers, this concert is two hours long. If your best friend is sitting in another section, you’ll be okay.
03/16/11 4:34am

Say Anything | Change we can’t believe in

Take away everything else, Penn. It’s okay. But do not take our e-mails.
02/23/11 7:08am

Say Anything | Supporting women? Not in my House

A ban on Planned Parenthood funding isn’t a vote against abortion at all; it’s a vote against women's health.
01/26/11 7:24am

Say Anything | ‘Rape’ is a four-letter word

Casual misuse of the word ‘rape’ is abhorrent and absolutely unacceptable.
01/12/11 3:55am

Say Anything | Must be the money

Stop asking seniors to donate to Seniors for the Penn Fund. We already give money to Penn: $40,000 a year. Seniors and our barely-there bank accounts should be left alone.
12/08/10 5:41am

Say Anything | Touched by an agent

Bring on your pat-downs, Transportation Security Administration agents. I’d rather let an agent get to second base with me than let a terrorist get a bomb on my plane.
11/24/10 3:43am

Say Anything | Food fight: cake vs. pie

There is one war which wages on even as other fights are won and lost. You are either on Team Cake or Team Pie. I am on Team Pie. Pie isn’t just more scrumptious than cake. It is also more American.
11/10/10 5:01am

Say Anything | Liz Lemon: grad speaker

Perhaps you’ve seen the Facebook group aimed at getting professional funny lady Tina Fey to our graduation. I am hopeful that we can get Fey here.
10/27/10 3:16am

Say Anything | (Un)dressing for Halloween

There isn't anything wrong with being next to naked on Halloween, should that be your costume of choice. My issue is with the fact it’s practically impossible to find an acceptable alternative.
10/06/10 4:11am

Say Anything | Don't go for broke

Unpaid internships are inherently elitist. They prevent individuals from having equal access to the opportunities that will make them desirable hires in the future.
09/22/10 4:06am

Say Anything | No freshman girls allowed

There is a rule that states that freshman women are not allowed to attend any fall semester sorority events involving alcohol. I hate this rule.
04/14/10 3:35am

Say Anything | Happiness is … a pretty face?

Beauty does translate into happiness, and the science that claims it doesn’t isn’t connecting enough of the dots.
03/17/10 3:53am

Say Anything | Boys and girls: more alike than you think

Boys think about girls just as obsessively as girls think about boys.
02/24/10 5:12am

Say Anything | Your love is a drug?

Regardless of your opinion of the legitimacy of sex addiction, you can still use the Tiger Woods scandal as a catalyst for a conversation about infidelity and sexual behavior.
02/12/10 1:19am

Say Anything | (Always) on the edge of 17

The Catcher in the Rye has a hold on us — adults included — even though it seems on the surface to be a book for and about teenagers.
01/27/10 5:16am

Say Anything | Is the president too cool?

At Penn, it feels like much of the student body is still infatuated with our audaciously hopeful president. Have we stopped questioning him because we like him too much?
01/12/10 10:51pm

Say anything | Smells like tween spirit

Penn students love tween stars. I wish we didn’t, because it’s pretty embarrassing.
11/05/07 5:00am
Red and blue made green Friday as the Penn Environmental Group hosted GreenFest. The annual festival is designed "to let Penn students and the community know that there's an active student interest in environmental sustainability," PEG director Jen Tintenfass said.
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12/19/10 4:56pm

Early look at Delaware

Penn heads down to Newark, Del. to take on the Blue Hens Wednesday, and for an early scouting report, we can look at how Delaware did last night when they played Villanova, also the Quakers' most recent opponent. Perhaps most telling was the final score: 78-59, Wildcats.
11/15/10 9:06am

More multimedia from this weekend

Finalizing our coverage of this epic weekend in Penn sports, here are video highlights and photo slideshows from the big wins by football and men's basketball (after the jump). Football: M.
10/05/10 11:26am

Harvard, Cornell bag commitments

Here are two recruiting notes for a rainy Tuesday in Philadelphia: Harvard secured the commitment of Corbin Miller, a 6-foot-2 point guard from Utah, who reportedly will not enter as a class of 2011 recruit, but instead take a two year Mormon mission and join the Crimson in 2013.
02/27/10 11:00pm

Correction: One for the record books

It's official: This year's Penn women's basketball team has lost more games than any other. The Quakers picked up historic defeat No.
08/26/09 11:51pm

California Sunshine at Penn?

After Penn nabbed its second 2010 recruit earlier this month, it appears that Glen Miler has grabbed two more recruits. And just like Austin Kelly, these new recruits hail from the Los Angeles area. According to the LA Times,  Capistrano Valley (Mission Viejo, Calif) teammates Casey James (6-foot-3 guard) and Kevin Panzer (6-8 forward) have both committed to Penn.
08/15/09 12:15pm

View From The Floor

08/15/09 10:42am

Woodstock > Spring Fling

08/13/09 10:06am


07/21/09 10:28pm

Honebein abandons ship

In a move that should please many disgruntled fans and alumni, heavyweight rowing coach Fred Honebein announced his resignation today.
07/20/09 1:25pm

Hoops notes for 7/20

1) Penn Athletics finally made its official announcement regarding the men's basketball recruits for the Class of 2013.
07/10/09 12:51pm

But The Kid Is Not My Son

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